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Asda was exclusively cheapest for the Geeta’s mango chutney, at £1.95

Asda held off the challenge of Tesco’s loyalty pricing and Amazon’s might to come in as the cheapest retailer this week – but only just in both instances.

At £78.21, Asda came in 52p cheaper than Amazon and 4p cheaper than the Tesco basket with Clubcard Prices.

Asda offered the lowest price for 14 items, of which it was exclusively cheapest for seven. These included the baby potatoes, fish pie mix, Geeta’s mango chutney and Gü cheesecakes.

Amazon was cheapest for eight items and exclusively so for three: the Arla Lactofree cheddar, Costa instant coffee and KP peanuts.

The runner-up spot means Amazon’s last outright pricing win was back in June, having been undercut by Sainsbury’s Nectar Prices in October.

Morrisons came in third this week based on shelf-edge prices. It was cheapest for a dozen lines and exclusively so for four including the Schweppes ginger ale and the Vaseline body lotion. At £80.77, it was £2.56 pricier than Asda.

Tesco offered Clubcard Prices discounts on 10 products on our shopping list. This added up to a saving of £7.72 for its loyalty scheme members, which would have cut Tesco’s total from £85.97 to £78.25.

Sainsbury’s Nectar Prices reduced its total from £88.04 to £81.71, leaving it £3.50 more expensive than Asda.

In this week’s bumper mystery shop, Ocado was at the other end of the pricing spectrum to fellow online specialist Amazon. Although it was exclusively cheapest for the Fibre One brownies, it was still £9.99 more expensive than Asda at £88.20.

Ocado did, however, undercut upmarket rival Waitrose by £2.44. Waitrose’s total of £90.64 was £12.43 more expensive than Asda. It was cheapest for four items and exclusively so for the Galbani mozzarella.