Asda cheapest on premium festive shopping basket

Having cleaned up in last week’s frozen Christmas Grocer 33 special, Asda came out cheapest again as we put together a more premium festive shopping list.

This week’s basket contained champagne, port, top-notch cheeses and premium own label products. Only Tesco managed to get within touching distance of Asda, and only after factoring its Clubcard prices deals.

At £150.31 Asda came in £18.79 cheaper than Morrisons, which took second spot based on shelf-edge prices. Asda offered the lowest price for 18 products and was exclusively cheapest for 10 including the Bailey’s (see right), the brandy cream, Christmas crackers and Christmas pudding.

Morrisons was the place to go for the Innocent orange juice, smoked salmon, stuffing, Yorkshire puddings and the all-important Gaviscon tablets.

Sainsbury’s was £21.57 more expensive than Asda. It offered the lowest price for 14 lines and was exclusively cheapest for six, including the small fresh turkey, potatoes and mince pies.

The importance of using a Clubcard at Tesco was laid bare this week. Shoppers without one would have paid £23.07 more than had they visited Asda. Tesco loyalty card holders would have seen this gap reduced to just £3.62 as Clubcard Prices generated savings of £19.45.

Premium really did mean premium at Waitrose, with the upmarket retailer coming in almost £40 more expensive than Asda at £189.46. It was however exclusively cheapest for the brie de meaux.

Overall inflation was not such a factor with our basket this week, costing 7.1% more year on year. There were none of the eye-watering price hikes we have seen over recent months, though reduced availability on the fresh turkey made comparisons hard. The biggest riser this week was the parsnips at 29%. The candle cost 26% more while the Bailey’s, cheeseboard cracker selection, Gaviscon and Yule log were all 22% more expensive than last Christmas.