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Asda was cheapest for the Linda McCartney’s burgers, which were £1.50

Asda’s latest move to match the discounters on price looks set to make it more competitive versus traditional rivals as well.

The Leeds-based supermarket, which last week became the first operator to price match both Aldi and Lidl, was significantly cheaper than its rivals this week. Even after factoring in loyalty-based pricing, it remained cheapest.

At £66.31 Asda was £4.06 cheaper than second-placed Morrisons, offering the lowest price for 20 products, and was exclusively cheapest for eight items, including the fish pie mix, Linda McCartney’s burgers, Mr Kipling French Fancies and Robinsons squash.

Morrisons was cheapest for 18 items and exclusively so for seven including the Butterkist popcorn, Fairy washing-up liquid and hot dog rolls.

Tesco was £8.35 more expensive than Asda at the shelf edge. Even Clubcard Prices discounts totalling £7.25 still left it £1.10 dearer than Asda.

Sainsbury’s, meanwhile, was even further adrift. Its loyalty card holders received a discount of £4.25 but this only closed the gap to Asda from £8.60 to £4.35. It was, at least, exclusively cheapest for the asparagus.

Waitrose came in £12.51 more expensive than Asda at £78.82, having only managed to match the lowest price on three items this week.

There were further signs of inflation easing as we head into 2024. Despite a big drop-off in promotions the supermarkets were running in the lead-up to Christmas (from over 40% to less than a third), overall prices were still 0.4% cheaper month on month, while our basket cost just 2.9% more than in January 2023.