Leg of lamb roast dinner easter

Tesco Clubcard holders were able to enjoy a half-price deal on the lamb

Clubcard holders saved more than a tenner this week, helping Tesco massively undercut its rivals for our special Easter-themed Grocer 33 shopping basket.

Asda was cheapest based purely on shelf-edge prices, but was knocked into third by Tesco’s Clubcard Prices and Sainsbury’s Nectar Prices.

At £82.39, Asda was £1.75 cheaper than Morrisons. It offered the lowest price for 14 items and was exclusively cheapest for seven. These included the apple crumble, mineral water, mini breadsticks and pineapple chunks.

Morrisons was cheapest for 10 items and exclusively so for five. These included Easter favourites Cadbury Creme Eggs, hot cross buns and lamb shoulder.

Tesco was £2.13 more expensive than Asda at the shelf-edge. However the £10.15 Clubcard Prices discount would have made it £8.02 cheaper than its Leeds-based rival. Key to this was a half-price deal on the lamb for loyalty card holders.

Waitrose was exclusively cheapest for five items including the cherry tomatoes, chocolate cake and Saint Agur cheese. This helped it to a surprisingly competitive total of £88.92, just £6.53 more expensive than Asda and £1.60 cheaper than Sainsbury’s shelf-edge prices.

Sainsbury’s went from last to second place after factoring in its Nectar Prices discounts. Nectar members would have saved £9.05 this week and thus Sainsbury’s total would have come down to £81.47.

This was 92p cheaper than Asda, but it would still have been £7.10 more expensive than Tesco after its loyalty prices were factored in as well.

Our shopping was just 0.6% more expensive than this time last year. Easter falls a week earlier this year, meaning this week’s big discounts would not yet have kicked in this time last year. Prices were also 4.5% cheaper month on month.