Household Ineos Rhubarb and Pomegrqanate Antibac 3

Champion: Ineos Rhubarb + Pomegranate Next Gen Antibac Multi-Room Cleaner

Ineos used “plant-powered cleaning agents” to create this multi-use cleaning product, which is fragranced with rhubarb and pomegranate “to give renewed vitality and promote a sense of wellbeing”. The innovative nature of the plant-based formula hit home with our judges. “It feels like it’s doing something very new in the sector,” said one. Another singled out the merits of its presentation, which is ”very different to traditional players in the sector”.

Gold Medal

  • Wilton London Patchouli Eco Laundry Capsules

Silver Medal

  • Dr Beckmann Magic Leaves Fresh Blossom
  • The Lab Co Laundry Detergent Strips
  • Ineos Peony + Rice Flower Next Gen Non Bio Laundry Liquid

Bronze Medal

  • Scrub Daddy Damp Duster
  • Zoflora Power Bathroom

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