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UK to produce an extra 1.4bn litres of milk a year

13 Apr 2014 | By Julia Glotz

Britain’s dairy farmers are on course to produce an additional 1.4 billion litres a year of milk within five years…

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Tesco raises milk price paid to dairy farmers

02 Apr 2014 | By Julia Glotz

Tesco has slashed the price of milk in its stores, but the price it pays dairy farmers is moving up.

First Milk tanker

First Milk's farmers enjoy good returns

23 Mar 2014 | By Julia Glotz

First Milk’s farmer members will receive an average £1,200 return on their capital investment in May…

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Sainsbury’s and Co-op follow Tesco with milk price cuts

05 Mar 2014 | By Julia Glotz

Two days after Tesco slashed the price of its milk, Sainsbury’s and The Co-operative have followed suit.

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Download the full results of our milk protests survey Subscription

02 Aug 2012 | By Julia Glotz

An exclusive YouGov poll for The Grocer shows 4.3 million shoppers would change their behaviour to support British dairy farmers. Here’s a full breakdown of the results by age, gender, social grade and geography.

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The Dairymen: Views from the Top Subscription

01 Sep 2012 | Updated: 07 Sep 2012 | By Julia Glotz

As farmer protests throw the spotlight on supply chain relationships, we ask some of the industry’s leading lights…

Dairy protests fail to make a splash with younger people

Dairy protests fail to make a splash with younger people Subscription

04 Aug 2012 | By Julia Glotz

The farmers’ campaign has successfully harnessed social media but the impact on younger people…

Keep your friends close... and farmers closer!

Keep your friends close... and farmers closer! Subscription

23 Jun 2013

Over the past few months, farm milk prices have been rising dramatically…

Dairy UK's new chairman Billy Keane lays out his challenges Subscription

19 May 2013

When I was asked whether I would consider becoming the chairman of Dairy UK, I did not answer ‘yes’ immediately…

A land of milk and no money Subscription

18 Aug 2012 | By Clive Black

Tempers have been flaring across pastoral Britain as farmers, far from a radical bunch in the main…

Dairy farmers win with clever, co-ordinated, constant campaign

28 Jul 2012 | By Julia Glotz

A confession: I didn’t think they had it in them. When dairy farmers first started talking about protests…

An ethical supply chain will need work Subscription

14 Jul 2012 | By Bob Kennard

A voluntary Grocery Code of Conduct appears to have failed UK dairy farmers, whose numbers have halved over the past 10 years.


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The public must be reconnected with their food

04 Aug 2012

Sir: Now is the time to connect consumers with their food and milk (‘4.3 million promise to switch…

Think about the true cost of milk

21 Jul 2012 | Updated: 24 Jul 2012

I am a 27-year-old dairy farmer from Gloucestershire. I am the fourth generation to farm this land, and I find myself at a crossroads…

Cruelty to baby goats

30 Jun 2012 | Updated: 05 Jul 2012

We would like to comment on ‘Delamere defends farm accused of cruelty in Daily Mail exposé’.

Focus on Yoghurts 2014

Yoghurts and potted desserts category report 2014

05 Apr 2014 | By Natalie Brown

Just one word sums up the past year in yoghurt: scher-mazing, as Müller Corner poster girl Nicole Scherzinger would say.

Mouldy cheese

Focus on Cheese

02 Dec 2013 | By Natalie Brown

Talk about hard cheese! Brands have had precious little luck over the past year as they have been battered by own label in the increasingly price-sensitive cheese aisle.

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