Asda ramadan aisle promo

Source: Mystery shopper

How Asda marked Ramadan in 2020

Asda has announced its biggest Ramadan yet with 150 new product lines launched across all categories.

The supermarket will also be launching dedicated Ramadan aisles in 150 stores, representing a 47% increase on last year’s numbers. The stores are in key areas with high Muslim populations across the country, such as in Wembley, Leicester and Sheffield.

The retailer hopes the move will make it “quick and easy for customers to get their kitchen Ramadan-ready”.

“I’m really excited to help our Asda customers perform Ramadan fasting and celebrate Eid Festival, by making it as affordable and convenient as possible to fill their shopping baskets with everything they need, across multiple categories,” said Noor Ali, head of world foods at Asda.

The launches include around 18 new lines of dates for breaking the fast in the evenings, store cupboard essentials such as 10kg Elephant Atta flour for £7 and KTC’s 400g tins of chopped tomatoes, plum tomatoes, chickpeas and kidney beans, which are all available at four for £2, as well as ready-to-use Indus sauces in many flavours including Kebab House, Burger Sauce and Tamarind (rsp: £1.75 each or two for £3).

Osama Aziz, founder of Sara International which will be stocking its range of Madina and Palestinian Medjoul dates for the first time in Asda, said: “On a personal level, I consider offering dates during Ramadan to Muslims is a duty, and our success in doing so has given us great joy.”

Beyond the food aisle, Asda has launched Ramadan Countdown Calendars with celebratory chocolate treats inside (rsp: £3 or two for £5) and talking Muslim dolls (rsp: £30) from The Desi Doll Company which speak and sing in English and Arabic.

“Having our toys in 150 stores across the UK means our talking dolls can reach even more households,” said Desi Doll Company founder Farzana Rahman. “They teach children the basics of the Islamic faith in a fun and light-hearted way.”

“I’m also really proud to work with small, family-owned businesses who have really unique offerings and are truly passionate about making Ramadan and Eid as special as it can be for our Asda customers,” added Ali.