Source: Lindt

Lindt admitted to putting its prices up earlier this month

Shelf prices of Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and mini eggs have risen by as much as 53% in the multiples this year.

The Grocer’s analysis found 227 (58.8%) of branded and own-label seasonal chocolate SKUs available in the traditional big four were more expensive this year than last, with an average price increase of 12.6% across 386 available lines [Assosia 15 March 2024 vs 15 March 2023].

One of the worst offenders was Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Egg Plus Assorted Mini Eggs 215g, which rocketed 53.8% from £6.50 to £10 in Tesco. Kinder Surprise Chocolate Easter Egg 100g, meanwhile, rose 50% in the retailer, from £1 to £1.50.

Lindt 5 Gold Bunny Milk Chocolate 50g rose in price 50%, from £2 to £3, in Asda. The retailer’s own-label Easter Coins 72g, meanwhile, increased 52.5% from 59p to 90p.

In Sainsbury’s, the shelf price of Thorntons Milk Chocolate Dinosaur Easter Egg 151g is up 50%, from £3 to £4.50, according to Assosia data. Cadbury Family Treatsize Multipack 216g, meanwhile, is up 34% from £2.50 to £3.35.

Guylian Praline Easter Egg 306g has shot up by 42.9%, from £7 to £10, in Morrisons. Galaxy Creamy Truffle Mini Eggs 74g are up 35%, from £1 to £1.35, in the retailer.

Lindt admitted in a press conference earlier this month that most of its growth in 2023 was attributable to price increases.

The Swiss chocolate giant said it would take further pricing actions this year to counteract record high costs for cocoa beans.

Lindt declined to comment further on the price increases specified above when approached by The Grocer.

Meanwhile, a spokeswoman for Galaxy owner Mars said: “Raising the price of our products is not a decision we have taken lightly but it is necessary for shoppers to still be able to enjoy their favourite treats without compromising on quality or taste.”

A spokeswoman for Cadbury owner Mondelez said it was experiencing “significantly higher input costs across our supply chain, with ingredients such as cocoa and sugar, which are widely used in our products, costing far more than they have done previously”.

“As a result of this difficult environment, we have had to make the decision to increase the price of our Cadbury Family Treatsize Multipacks, so that we can continue to provide our fans with the products they love, without compromising on the great taste and quality they expect,” she added. 

Tesco and Sainsbury’s advised that the lines specified were currently available on Clubcard and Nectar card promotions. 

The Grocer has approached Asda, Morrisons, Ferrero and Guylian for comment.