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The retailer has announced plans to remove final restrictions on three packets of tomatoes and peppers per customers

Asda has confirmed it will remove its final restrictions on fruit and veg purchasing from tomorrow.

The retailer lifted the cap on customers buying cucumbers, salad bags, broccoli, cauliflower and raspberries last week. However, customers were still limited to buying a maximum of three packets of tomatoes and peppers each.

Last week it told The Grocer availability had improved as expected and it was anticipating a return to normal levels.

It comes as Aldi announced over the weekend that rationing would end today as it lifted buying restrictions on fruit and veg lines - including limits on tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. 

On Friday Lidl announced it would also be lifting buying restrictions on all lines by today. It told The Grocer that fruit & veg availability had remained strong and that all restrictions would be lifted over the weekend.

Lidl, Aldi, Tesco, Morrisons and Asda all put buying restrictions in place in Febraury following supply disruption. 

Morrisons has lifted some restrictions, though some rationing remains in place. Morrisons removed the limits on purchases of cucumbers, but limits remain in place on tomatoes, lettuce and peppers to two packets per customer.

Supermarkets introduced rationing in February in response to supply issues and shortages caused by “difficult weather conditions in the south of Europe and northern Africa, which disrupted the harvest of some fruit & veg including tomatoes and peppers”, according to BRC director Andrew Opie.

Supply was also impacted by a pull-back in production in the UK due to soaring input and energy costs, with NFU research showing an average 19% fall in 2022 UK veg supply.

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