Like many a ‘punk’ outfit gone mainstream, BrewDog is looking to appeal to a wider audience. Its new ad tells us “our beer is for everyone”.

It dismisses clichés like “laughing hipsters” and “father-son moments” and entertainingly lists some unexpected alternatives, like happy and unhappy couples, shoplifters and even “people with cold legs”.

It’s witty, and voiceover man Julian Barratt’s deadpan delivery is on point – though he’s already done it, perhaps better, for another booze brand, as the voice of Sipsmith’s Mr Swan. It’s strange that this was seemingly overlooked.

This ad’s trump card comes at the end. Being able to tell viewers it’s “the world’s first carbon-negative brewery”, which “plants trees for every beer you drink” is a powerful message. It claims to be “the planet’s favourite beer” (think about it) then gives us a cute cat payoff.

Impressive, confident stuff.