Where Müller’s last athlete-starring spot saw Katarina Johnson-Thompson trigger a chain of events that ended with a discus making someone’s trousers fall down, this more grown-up ad sees Dina Asher-Smith frolicking around with a load of balls (no sniggering at the back, we said this was grown-up).

The spheres juggled, danced with, and writhed about in by the couture-clad Asher-Smith are of course representative of the Vanilla Chocolate balls found in Müller Corners. The hugely likeable sprinter makes abstract expressionism fun, her smile ensuring the high concept never seems pretentious.

And in case the departure from the norm is too much for some, in finest Müller tradition, she manages to get a splodge of yoghurt on her nose. “Creamy, crunchy crazy good fun” indeed!