Animal mascots can be annoyingly quirky. But it’s not often we see them positioned as the CEO of their company – in this case snack brand Graze.

In this case ‘CEO’ stands for ‘chief eating officer’ and the animal is a punctilious squirrel. She marches around Graze HQ, firing suggestions at the staff, and enthusiastically taste-testing its new oat bites, which apparently contain 45% less sugar than the average cereal bar.

It’s a hit, so “I think we can put that down as a ‘graze idea’,” notes one of her underlings – the ad having its oaty snack and eating it by having his colleagues acknowledge the naffness of the pun… and then using it as a slogan anyway.

It’s a solid awareness-raiser, and even if you do find c-suite squirrel annoying, you can’t deny she helps deliver the ‘tasty and healthy’ message effectively.