Müller has landed on its feet with heptathlete brand ambassador Katarina Johnson-Thompson – unlike KJT herself, who spends much of this ad bouncing off a crash mat.

Müller reckons its new yoghurt is its ‘personal best’, a phrase it links to her impressive 6’5” high jump PB. There’s no fat or added sugar, making it perfect for athletes – and Lycra enthusiasts aspiring to look like one.

Johnson-Thompson takes it with her on a jump, elegantly manoeuvring her spoon to splat yoghurt on the nose of a loitering hunk as she clears the bar once again. It’s a nice twist on a strange Müller yoghurt ad tradition established by the forever pratfalling Nicole Scherzinger. Another – in which a woman has to pretend to be stunned it’s fat-free – has wisely been dropped.