Establishing a sense of humour is a great way to make a brand feel familiar – and therefore seem like less of a strange addition to one’s kitchen cupboard. This is particularly true of ‘foreign’ brands, like Reese’s, which despite having been available in the UK for donkeys’ years, still seems particularly American.

Its new ad feels British, though – and not just because it’s voiced by a Brit-accented bloke. In a consciously weird move, we’re presented with a brown high-heeled shoe, set against the brand’s distinctive orange. “I know what you’re thinking,” says voiceover man, pervily. “You want to put peanut butter in it, don’t you?”

Er, do we? Shortly, PB is indeed pouring into the shoe, which on closer inspection appears to be made from chocolate. It’s all very oozy and fetishy, confirmed by the next line: “It’s OK, that’s what we’re into too.”

It’s bold, and it’s wryly funny in a way that feels British. Unless you’re genuinely into shoe-peanut butter stuff, in which case… win-win!