With what looks like a big-bucks new campaign, Tropicana has decided against arguing the toss on the health front, and instead opted to focus on the reassuring everyday-ness of its drinks.

And it’s done it in a big way. The US-based (but global) ad begins with the collapse of a family’s breakfast table. But seeing as everyone is clutching their OJ, they just shrug. Things escalate quickly: further disasters involve crushed cars, crows, falling boulders, monsters and sentient creepy dolls. An astronaut even faces a parachute failure. But thanks to various Tropicana products, calm prevails.

It feels like a bit of a push to suggest a glass of juice is ‘the sunshine’ of anyone’s day – but its series of comically extreme events are brilliantly staged – and perfect for cut-downs.

This feels like the sort of thing a category leader should be doing.