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Source: JNCK Bakery

Healthier snacking challenger Jnck Bakery has unveiled a four-strong range of non-HFSS chocolate chip cookies.

Milky Chocolate, Trippple Chocolate, White Gold Chocolate and White Ruby Chocolate promise “90% less sugar, 50% less saturated fat, triple the protein and five times the fibre” than regular cookies – while still being a “high-quality, sweet, chewy, crunchy” treat.

The lineup’s biscuits were made using “3D sweetness modulation technology… based around natural ingredients”, said Jnck Bakery. “Our bespoke protein chocolate chunks also contribute to the sweet taste, using industry-standard sweeteners maltitol and sucralose.”

The cookies also contain pea protein and prebiotic fibre for gut health. They are available for retail in single and multipack formats (rsps: £1.99/48g & £3.99 /3x48g).

Listed by GoPuff, they were created “in response to rising consumer demand for healthier, more sustainable treats” the brand added. It intends to remove 800 tonnes of sugar from the UK supply chain over the next three years.

Jnck Bakery’s cookies are the result of two years’ research led by co-founder Alex Brassill, a biomedical scientist and former head of NPD at The Hut Group’s nutrition division.

“The growth of the protein snacks market shows there is demand for a much healthier approach to grab-and-go food, but we felt strongly that we could create products that still tasted, felt and looked like indulgent treats, as opposed to high-protein gym products,” he said.

The brand’s tech meant the cookies “deliver without all the sugar and fat”, he added. That was “no mean feat, as these elements bring so much more than just taste and texture”.