Warrendale Wagyu Gin 6 (1)

Wa-gyn offered ‘comforting umami aromas’ alongside ‘bright bursts of ruby grapefruit, lemon grass and warming pink peppercorn’, according to Warrendale

Warrendale Wagyu has sidestepped into booze with the launch of what it claims is the UK’s first bottled fat-washed gin.

The 44% abv ‘Wa-gyn’ was “set to change the landscape of savoury gins” according to Warrendale Wagyu.

Made from triple-filtered gin “washed with molten wagyu fat for 48 hours”, the spirit offered “comforting umami aromas” alongside “bright bursts of ruby grapefruit, lemon grass and warming pink peppercorn”.

It was designed to be drunk with tonic water and paired with a sirloin or ribeye steak, Warrendale Wagyu said. 

Whilst it was “uncommon for gin to be fat-washed”, Warrendale Wagyu had “spotted a gap in the market” according to MD Tom Richardson.

“We strive to be at the forefront of innovation, which is why we have launched the first fat-washed gin available in the UK,” he said. “With the past year seeing great success for the business, it seemed right for us to expand our use of wagyu into new areas.”

The Yorkshire-based beef business’s first foray into alcohol will be sold exclusively via its DTC website (rsp: £55/70cl).

Fat-washing is a method of imparting flavour into spirits using fatty foods including butter, meat, cheese and butter.

The method was allegedly popularised by New York bartender Don Lee, who added bacon fat to bourbon in a cocktail called the Benton’s Old Fashioned sold at PDT (Please Don’t Tell).

Founded in 2017, Warrendale Wagyu produces sustainably sourced meat from a 750-strong collective of farmers, with whom it works to rear herds of wagyu cross dairy cattle.

Last year, the business launched a range of wagyu beef sausages into Waitrose.