Morrisons has opted for a traditional selection this year, with a few twists on classics such as billionaire’s mince pies, inspired my millionaire’s shortbread.

‘As a proud supporter of the British farming industry, we work directly with farmers, growers and fishermen,’ Morrisons said of its range. ‘Sourcing the best ingredients for our Christmas products – from people we trust. Customers will also be able to find a range of products hand-prepared in stores by our butchers and bakers on Market Street.’

Find the highlights of its festive selection below


The Best Orange Triple Smoked Salmon



Scottish salmon cured with sea salt and demerara sugar, triple smoked over oak and cask chippings to create what Morrisons describes as a “deep, rich” flavour. Marinated in a orange dressing with clementine oil to create a twist on the classic starter. A pack serves two and will be available from 19 December.


The Best Camembert Parcel



Whole French camembert with cranberry, ruby port and a caramelised red onion chutney, finished and wrapped in a flaky butter-enriched pastry.


The Best Brussels Paté with Mushroom



Smooth and rich pork liver paté, with a medley of wild mushrooms. A pack serves six and will be available from 28 November.


The Best Cornish Scallop and King Prawn Thermidor Gratins



Cornish scallops and king prawns in a creamy sauce, finished with a crumb topping that’s enriched with mature cheddar. A pack serves two and will be available from 19 December.


Main courses

The Best Orange and Cranberry Lightly Smoked Salmon Side



Scottish salmon cured with demerara sugar and spices, smoked over beech and served with an orange and cranberry glaze and butter, with orange zest and spices. A pack serves five and will be available from 19 December.


The Best Beef Shin with Black Truffle, Marrow and Red Wine Jus



A British shin of beef that’s been slow-cooked for 10 hours for fall-apart tenderness, all accompanied with Morrisons’ rich truffle and marrowbone sauce. A joint serves eight and will be available from 19 December.


The Best Stuffed Turkey Crown with Bacon



A “tender and succulent” turkey crown is enriched with a pork, buttered leek and pancetta stuffing, and topped with smoked bacon. A bird serves five or six, and will be available from 19 December.


The Best British Gammon Joint with a Spiced Seville Orange Glaze



A “tender and succulent” gammon joint with a zesty seville orange and Cointreau glaze. A joint serves four to five and will be available from 28 November.


The Best British Pork Porchetta Stuffed with Festive Spiced Cranberry and Apple



This tender and succulent British pork is hand-scored for crispiness and comes with a festive spiced pork stuffing enriched with mulled wine and clementine. A joint serves six to eight and will be available from 19 December.


The Best British Free Range Bronze Turkey Crown - Large



The Best Roast in the Bag Stuffed Bronze Turkey Crown is part of the retailer’s premium Christmas collection. A slower growing breed, free to forage in open pastures, the bronze turkeys are full flavoured with a succulent texture, and expertly prepared. A bird serves six to eight and will be available from 19 December.


The Best Monkfish Wrapped in Prosciutto



Tender, meaty british monkfish fillets, wrapped in rich and flavoursome prosciutto crudo, garnished with a sprig of rosemary. It serves five to six and will be available from 21 December.


The Best 28-Day Matured Beef Topside with Prosciutto

morrisons-morrisons-the-best-28-matured-topside-wrapped-in-prosciutto 2


A tender succulent topside of beef, hand-wrapped in prosciutto with a rich black garlic butter for added depth of flavour. A pack serves three and will be available from 19 December.



The Best Roast Goose Fat Potatoes



Crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, these British Maris Piper potatoes are tumbled in seasoning, with goose fat ready to be popped in the oven. A pack serves four and will be available from 19 December.


The Best Cheesy Pigs in Blankets with Smoky BBQ Sauce



British pork cocktail sausages enriched with mature cheddar and red leicester, and wrapped in dry cured smoked streaky bacon. All served with a smoky barbecue sauce. A pack serves four and will be available from 28 November.


The Best Brussels Sprouts and Pancetta



Morrisons’ brussels with pancetta offer a rich and indulgent flavour that’s finished with flavoursome caramelised onion. A pack serves two and will be available from 19 December.


The Best Turkey Gravy



Made with turkey and chicken stock, Morrisons’ turkey gravy is seasoned with sage, rosemary and white pepper. A pack serves four and will be available from 28 November.



The Best Passionfruit Panna Cotta Star



Morrisons calls this a “deliciously creamy vanilla panna cotta” with passionfruit sauce – designed as a showstopping alternative dessert to those traditional at Christmas. A pack serves seven and will be available from 21 December.


The Best Chocolate Orange Cheesecake



A crunchy chocolate biscuit base with layers of  chocolate and orange flavoured cheesecake batter, and a light chocolate sponge disc. On top, a smooth and glossy dark cocoa mirror glaze and a thick chocolate ganache. All decorated with an eye-catching scattering of bronze butterscotch pieces and Belgian white chocolate. A pack serves eight and will be available from 21 December.


The Best Panettone Christmas Pudding with a Black Cherry Sauce



A Christmas pudding, but not as we know it. This one is laced with chunks of panettone and black cherries for a decadent new twist on a classic. A pudding serves seven.


The Best Billionaire’s Mince Pies



Another twist on a classic. These mince pies feature a chocolate enriched pastry case filled with mincemeat and topped with a salted caramel sauce with a swirl of buttercream. 


Rudi The Reindeer Cake



Forget Rudolph and meet his hip younger cousin, Rudi. A chocolate sponge filled with chocolate buttercream, topped with milk chocolate. A cake serves 12 and will be available from 14 November.


Belgian Chocolate Chip Panettone Tree



Made fresh by Morrisons’ bakers in store, this Belgian Chocolate Chip Panettone is made using a tiger bread recipe and shaped into a Christmas tree to bring a bit of fun to the dining table. Available from 14 November.


Decorate Your Own Gingerbread House


£5, 632g

Decorate your own gingerbread house with snowflake sprinkles, jelly sweets, pearlised balls and icing for a fabulous festive creation. Available from 31 October.


Party food

The Best New York Style Meat Balls with a Mustard & Pickle Relish



“Succulent premium” beef meatballs with a New York style seasoning and a tangy mustard and gherkin pickle relish. Available from 14 December.


The Best Tiger Prawns Wrapped in British Smoky Bacon



Jumbo and juicy, the retailer’s tiger prawns will be wrapped in dry cured smoked bacon. Available from 19 December.


Corn Dogs with a Honey & Mustard Dipping Sauce



Beechwood smoked pork and beef sausage on a skewer, coated in a cornmeal batter, with a sweet and tangy dipping sauce. A pack serves three and will be available from 30 November.


The Best Mini Dressed Cornish Crab



Hand-picked white Cornish crab meat on creamy crab paté for a treat at festive parties. A pack serves three and will be available from 19 December.


Christmas Steamed Money Bag Jewel Selection



From Lemongrass Basil Ruby Mushroom Char Siu to Emerald Prawn and Chive flavours, a selection of king prawn and vegetable steamed dumplings complemented with a tangy dip. Available from 30 November.


Christmas Chilli Cheese Bites



Melting cheese and jalapeño wrapped in crisp golden batter bites. Available from 16 November.


The Best Mini Steak and Ale and Chicken Pies



A luxurious selection of hearty mini pies filled and “baked to perfection in a buttery golden pastry”, says Morrisons. Available from 16 November.


The Best Vegetable Tempura Nests with Sweet Chilli Dip



Mixed vegetables and coriander in a crisp tempura batter with a sweet chilli dip. Available from 16 November.


The Best Prawn Toast Lollies



Seasoned with a blend of aromatic garlic, ginger and spring onion, Morrisons’ Prawn Toast Lollies are finished with sesame seeds. Available from 16 November.


The Best Pork Belly Bites with Maple BBQ Sauce



Slow cooked pork belly in a barbecue rub with a sticky, smoky sauce. Available from 16 November.


The Best Camembert Sharing Bread



Soft garlic and herb-enriched bread, topped with extra virgin olive oil and served with a whole camembert. Available from 16 November.