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Dairy Heroes Podcast

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The Grocer’s Dairymen Podcast: Davina Bruce, McQueen’s Dairies


In this special podcast series we speak to six inspiring dairy heroes who went the extra mile to keep Brits’ favourite dairy products on shelves and in fridges during the coronavirus pandemic. In our sixth and final episode, we chat to dairy hero and milkwoman Davina Bruce about her 40 ...

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Did Covid-19 help change the dairy industry for the better?

Lockdown saw suppliers exposed to hospitality hit hard, while demand in retail surged. But the dairy sector has worked together and proved resilient

Dairymen insight and analysis


Watch: Gen Z experts explain why young people are wary of dairy and how to fix it

2020-11-20T13:59:00+00:00By The Grocer

Gen Z just isn’t buying milk, with some people even calling evil, so for this year’s Dairymen creative challenge, we tasked creative agency Zak with breathing new life into the white stuff

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Creative Challenge: can milk be futureproofed?


Gen Z just isn’t buying milk, with some even calling it evil. So we tasked creative agency Zak to come up with a brand that breathes new life into the white stuff

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Consumer research: Has coronavirus dampened Britain’s appetite for dairy?


Promisingly for dairy suppliers, Brits craved milk during lockdown. But many are keen to try alternatives, too

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Joe Bangles: interview with Twitter’s chief cheesemonger


Joe Bangles CBE (cheese board enthusiast) is the self-styled ‘cheesemonger to the stars’ 

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Big Interview: How Jon Jenkins picked up the ball at Müller


Müller Milk & Ingredient’s new CEO may have joined at a tough time, but the rugby union veteran is determined to make good on own-label ambitions

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After EU: can UK dairy still go global?


British dairy suppliers face crippling import tariffs and a hard fight to become contenders in the US and other markets beyond Europe

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Eight dairy firms delivering direct to consumers


From letterbox cheeseboards to milk vending machines, here are eight ways DTC dairy is making a comeback

Dairy category reports

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A new sugar tax? The Dairymen drinks category report 2020


Dairy drinks have escaped the soft drinks levy so far. But two years on, momentum from anti-sugar campaigners is growing

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The perfect portion: The Dairymen snacking category report 2020


Convenient, portion-controlled snacks are suffering as Brits plump for larger formats at home. How are suppliers adjusting?

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Cold comfort: The Dairymen ice cream category report 2020


While ice cream vans were driven off our streets in lockdown, sun and staycations led to a boom in handheld frozen treats

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Plant-based splashes down: The Dairymen yoghurt category report 2020

2020-11-05T14:19:00+00:00By Nick Hughes

Giants of yoghurt are racing for space in chillers with dairy-free offers. What prize is at stake – and who will come first?

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Back by the basketful: The Dairymen butter & spreads category report 2020

2020-11-05T12:15:00+00:00By Nick Hughes

Pre-pandemic, butter & spreads was one of the most lacklustre sectors in dairy. Covid changed that. How long can growth last?

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The cheese rescuers: The Dairymen British cheese category report 2020

2020-11-04T16:04:00+00:00By Patrick McGuigan

British artisan cheesemakers faced ruin when lockdown hit them with a sudden slump in orders, but help was at hand

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Locked out? The Dairymen continental category report 2020

2020-10-30T14:59:00+00:00By Patrick McGuigan

With no-deal Brexit looming, continental cheese imports could face tariffs of 50%. What does this mean for UK cheeseboards?

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Changing tides: The Dairymen milk category report 2020


As foodservice suppliers poured milk down the drain, grocery sales surged in lockdown. So, what will Covid-19’s legacy be?