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Morrisons is planning to start selling Prime Hydration, and could be joined by Sainsbury’s in introducing the energy drink to stores. 

“We are looking to bring Prime into stores,” a Morrisons spokesman told The Grocer, adding that the supermarket was yet to confirm dates.

The retailer was responding to screenshots posted to Twitter by Prime Tracker UK showing that lines of the fruit-flavoured drink have appeared on its internal stocking system. The app, which tracks listings of the drink, also posted screenshots taken from Sainsbury’s internal stocking systems over the past week. 

“Everyone we’ve spoken to at Sainsbury’s is adamant that it’s coming in and that it’s coming soon,” Prime Tracker founder Tom Bastable told The Grocer, adding that Sainsbury’s store staff had sent photos of zebra scanners used to process deliveries of the drink.

One screenshot from Sainsbury’s shows 500ml bottles of Prime Blue Raspberry priced at £2. The drink is currently listed as “out of stock”, however. A screenshot from Morrisons’ system showed four Prime lines listed, but did not include price or stock information. 

Despite signs that listings could be imminent, there is no guarantee either retailer will start selling the drink, which has become a viral sensationTesco also lists Prime on its internal system. However, the supermarket has so far rejected stocking the drink over concerns that Refresco, its UK bottler, could not guarantee consistent supply.

Asda was the first major supermarket to stock Prime under an exclusivity deal that ended in January.

A subsequent launch by Aldi in January prompted chaotic scenes as scores of people wrestled for the limited stock, prompting the supermarket to issue an apology to customers over any disturbance caused. It’s also been listed by Spar, and independent convenience stores who have acquired it through US distributors. 

Some have been accused of profiteering from the drink’s immense popularity. A Prime Tracker poll, which attracted nearly 5,000 respondents showed that 44.1% of Spar shoppers had paid over the £2.99 rsp per bottle. One Wakefield convenience store owner has amassed a TikTok following of 500,000 followers as a result of his marketing efforts, which includes selling cans for £100 each.

Bastable, a software engineer, relies on an organic network of shop, distribution centre and industry workers for tip-offs about Prime listings. The app, which has been endorsed by Prime co-founder KSI, has become so popular that he now runs it “pretty much full time”.

“A lot of them [supermarkets] are quite scared of announcing anything in advance because of what happened with Aldi,” Bastable said.  Sainsbury’s did not immediately respond to The Grocer’s enquiries.