Sainsbury’s was exclusively cheapest for BrewDog Punk IPA beer

Sainsbury’s Nectar Prices deals helped it to a second Grocer 33 pricing win in three weeks.

Sainsbury’s was offering special prices for its loyalty scheme members on a dozen products, resulting in a £6.90 (10.9%) saving. This took its total down to £63.22, 64p less than Tesco, and meant it was 5.4% cheaper for the 33 items than last year.

Sainsbury’s also offered the lowest price for 12 items and was exclusively cheapest for four: the Birds Eye peas, BrewDog Punk IPA, Heinz soup and honey roast ham.

Tesco was offering Clubcard members a £5.06 (or 7.9%) saving. It was exclusively cheapest for four items – the Elmlea cream alternative, mushrooms, Rubicon juice drink and the Walkers crisps. And including loyalty prices its basket was 4.9% cheaper than last year.

Asda would have been cheapest based on shelf-edge prices. Instead, at £64.40, it was £1.18 dearer than Sainsbury’s and 54p more than Tesco, despite a whopping 17 promotions. And it was still cheapest for 18 products and exclusively so for eight.

Morrisons was also running promotions on 17 items, but as it continues to focus on multibuys (11 in total), it came fourth after factoring in loyalty prices – its £67.00 total £3.78 more expensive than Sainsbury’s.

Guest retailer Iceland also majored in multibuys and was £5.64 more expensive than Sainsbury’s.

The real outlier was Waitrose. It was over £10 more expensive than Sainsbury’s at £73.95. It did not have any exclusively cheapest products and only matched the lowest price for the Lucozade Sport Zero and Nature Valley protein bars.

A total of 21 products were cheaper than this time last year, including big drops for the Ginsters slice and Hartley’s jelly pots, though the Lucozade was 29% more expensive year on year.