tesco supermarket trolley

Members of Tesco’s Clubcard Prices scheme would have saved £8.22

Tesco Clubcard Prices would have saved members a hefty 12.6% on their shopping bill as the initiative proved decisive in determining the cheapest retailer for the second week running.

As per last week, Asda came in cheapest based on shelf edge prices. At £60.63, it was £1.70 cheaper than Morrisons, offering the lowest price for 21 items and was exclusively cheapest for a dozen. These included the dill, lemon cake and the Müller Bliss yoghurt.

Morrisons was cheapest for nine products and exclusively so for the New Covent Garden soup and Oatly oat drink.

The most surprising result this week stemmed from how competitive Waitrose was. The upmarket retailer was the third cheapest supermarket at the shelf edge. Helped by 10 price cut promotions, Waitrose was just £2.43 more expensive than Asda at £63.06. It offered the lowest price for seven items and was exclusively cheapest for five. These included the Chocomel milk drink, Quorn nuggets and Twinings teabags.

Tesco was £4.46 more expensive than Asda at £65.09. However, it offered Clubcard Prices discounts on 11 items. This added up to a saving of £8.22 and would have undercut its Leeds-based rival by £3.76.

Sainsbury’s came in £7.05 more expensive than Asda at £67.68. Its Nectar Price discounts added up to just £2.10 or 3.1% of its total. This left Sainsbury’s just under a fiver more expensive than Asda – and still £2.52 more expensive than Waitrose.

Across all five retailers, prices were 2.4% cheaper than a month ago and just 4.7% more expensive than January 2023. Seven items were cheaper year on year while a further 16 lines increased in price by less than 10%. Just two items were more than 20% more expensive – the Old El Paso nacho kit (see right) and the Quorn crispy nuggets.