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First Milk and Dairy Crest announce further milk price cuts

01 Sep 2014 | By Kevin White

First Milk and Dairy Crest have announced further reductions in their farmgate milk prices as the Russian trade embargo exacerbates pressure on the global dairy markets.

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Dairy producers to get EU help as Russian sanctions bite

28 Aug 2014 | By Kevin White

The European Commission has extended its compensation fund to assist butter, skimmed milk powder (SMP) and cheese producers affected by Russia’s import ban on EU food.

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Russia compensation scheme may widen to cover meat and dairy Subscription

20 Aug 2014 | By Kevin White

As the fallout from the Russian trade ban on Western foods continues, the EC is considering extending its emergency fund for fruit and vegetable growers to meat and dairy producers.

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Dale Farm eyes more acquisitions as exports and UK sales increase Subscription

27 Jul 2014 | By Kevin White

Dale Farm is set to make further acquisitions as it looks to ramp up its presence in UK dairy…

exclusive poll

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Download the full results of our milk protests survey Subscription

02 Aug 2012 | By Julia Glotz

An exclusive YouGov poll for The Grocer shows 4.3 million shoppers would change their behaviour to support British dairy farmers. Here’s a full breakdown of the results by age, gender, social grade and geography.


Did dairy farmers not see global price slump coming? Subscription

29 Aug 2014 | By Kevin White

Militancy is returning as processors cut their farmgate payments

angry protesting farmers

Is a summer of discontent looming again in farming? Subscription

06 Jun 2014 | By Julia Glotz

Perhaps not in dairy – but beef “is in a terribly volatile state”…

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Milk Jug and Cows

Raw milk caution please

20 Jul 2014

As the secretary of the Specialist Cheesemakers Association…

Keep your friends close... and farmers closer!

Keep your friends close... and farmers closer! Subscription

23 Jun 2013

Over the past few months, farm milk prices have been rising dramatically…

Dairy UK's new chairman Billy Keane lays out his challenges Subscription

19 May 2013

When I was asked whether I would consider becoming the chairman of Dairy UK, I did not answer ‘yes’ immediately…

A land of milk and no money Subscription

18 Aug 2012 | By Clive Black

Tempers have been flaring across pastoral Britain as farmers, far from a radical bunch in the main…

Dairy farmers win with clever, co-ordinated, constant campaign

28 Jul 2012 | By Julia Glotz

A confession: I didn’t think they had it in them. When dairy farmers first started talking about protests…


Is tailoring stores to local tastes the way forward for retailers?

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The public must be reconnected with their food

04 Aug 2012

Sir: Now is the time to connect consumers with their food and milk (‘4.3 million promise to switch…

Think about the true cost of milk

21 Jul 2012 | Updated: 24 Jul 2012

I am a 27-year-old dairy farmer from Gloucestershire. I am the fourth generation to farm this land, and I find myself at a crossroads…

Cruelty to baby goats

30 Jun 2012 | Updated: 05 Jul 2012

We would like to comment on ‘Delamere defends farm accused of cruelty in Daily Mail exposé’.

Mary Berry Butters and Spreads

Butters and Spreads Category Report 2014

23 Jun 2014 | By Paul Davies

Butter has had better years. But Brits have still spent 4.8% more on it in the past year…

Focus on Yoghurts 2014

Yoghurts and potted desserts category report 2014

05 Apr 2014 | By Natalie Brown

Just one word sums up the past year in yoghurt: scher-mazing, as Müller Corner poster girl Nicole Scherzinger would say.

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