Just Eat’s massive marketing budget provides us with a catalogue of musical superstars delivering that catchy song… but it’s all a bit American, isn’t it?

So just for us Brits, the delivery giant has come up with four new ads in which an assortment of anthropomorphic animals sing the praises of the various takeaways (and groceries) they’ve ordered in. The animals – foxes, squirrels, rabbits and weasels among them – are characterfully created by the team behind Wes Anderson’s 2009 film Fantastic Mr Fox.

They’re rather like the Creature Comforts electricity ads from the 1990s, made by award-winning animators with the voices of ordinary folk, in this case showing off that most British of qualities: passive aggression. A mum blocks the TV after her teens ignore the doorbell, parents long for their kids to leave home, one half of a couple mocks the fashion sense of another.

It’s all (just about) in good spirits, though. And it looks great!