An Ocado advert is a rare thing – and who’d have thought a year ago that it would require one?

Nonetheless, here we are, aboard one of its purple vans (this will be many consumers’ first taste of the new colour scheme). Except it’s not a standard Ocado van for long, changing into an old Morris to showcase its colossal bread offering. Then it magically transforms into a cheerful little trawler, to highlight Ocado’s fish lineup, and so on. Other vehicles in the visually inventive ad include a milk float, tractor and even a snowmobile.

As well as the purple, it does a great job of showing off Ocado’s range, reach and jolly drivers. The ad’s accompanying song (which reiterates “there’s an Ocado just for you”) feels old-fashioned, but it’s certainly catchy and memorable. How long before ‘catchy and memorable’ transforms into ‘monumentally annoying’ will be in the ear of the beholder.