The Brownlee brothers, Michael Parkinson, the Kaiser Chiefs, Sean Bean, Dynamo… Yorkshire Tea has enlisted many a Yorkie celeb to feature in its ads. But is the joke beginning to wear thin?

Patrick Stewart is the brand’s latest famous hire. And since Bean used his acting skills to give a passionate induction speech, the Shakespearean Star Trek star has been assigned to the leaving do.

“Ah, Tina,” he intones, to a bemused-looking woman. “The void so hollow that you shall leave.” His colleagues make sure the lighting is just so, as he laments her laugh and the “sweet rasp” of her stapler. Stewart delivers the goods – then undercuts the seriousness of his speech, amping up the accent to direct everyone to the pub.

With a product that doesn’t need much explanation, Stewart shows Yorkshire Tea’s formula is still strong. “Done proper,” indeed.