Irn-Bru has set a high bar with its movie parodies, which wittily send up their respective genres in the brand’s irreverent voice.

Now another purveyor of orangey drinks is getting in on the act – though Tango’s effort here is for its Dark Berry flavour. And its parody is on an earthier, televisual level. It’s dawn, and in a dimly lit house some shady characters and their lab equipment are cooking something up. Something that involves… berries.

Police kick the door in and commence a full-scale bust. One copper foolishly tests the merchandise’s “tang levels” and falls victim to an uncontrollable urge to dance. “He’s completely Tango’d, sarge,” notes a colleague.

The funny ad establishes a flavourful point of difference, as well as giving the brand a bit of an illicit-feeling edge. It’s great to see the ‘Tango’d’ concept make a return, too. And if it works for Irn-Bru…