Walkers has launched a larger version of its Wotsits corn puffs. So the ad for the lengthier, more girthsome snacks naturally plays, lightly, on their priapic qualities. And why not? We all need a laugh, don’t we?

We begin with the image of a man gazing (apparently) at his laptop, shaking his ahead in disbelief. A woman echoes his expression. Then, to a Strauss soundtrack (think 2001: A Space Odyssey), Wotsits Giants hove into view. Our cast scoff them down with delight before ‘the science bit’ in which a voiceover – with the help of a handy tape measure graphic – explains they’ve doubled in size. “Size matters – when it comes to snacks,” we’re told.

Gary Lineker pops up to provide the ad’s punchline, sportingly ‘revealing’ he has a personal tape measure. Fair play.