AHDB Lets Eat Balanced

Source: AHDB

The new Lets Eat Balanced campaign will launch on 1 January

AHDB will launch a series of new TV adverts on 1 January, designed to showcase British beef, lamb and dairy.

Its ‘Let’s Eat Balanced’ campaign’s theme is ‘This’ and ‘That’, which will encourage “consumers to adopt a sustainable, healthy and nutritiously balanced diet”, AHDB said.

Timed to coincide with the start of Veganuary, the campaign’s three adverts will highlight that British beef, lamb and dairy “are natural sources of protein and vitamin B12, which helps to reduce tiredness”, it added.

Its messaging, for example, would “showcase how ‘This’ rain and grass produces ‘That’ delicious beef, lamb, milk and cheese, which provides ‘This’ vitamin B12, which helps with ‘That’ fatigue”, the levy board explained.

Voiced by comedian, actor and broadcaster Richard Ayoade, the campaign will be seen across cinemas for the first time, in addition to VOD platforms, Sky, ITV, and Channel 4.

Additionally, they will appear in national newspapers and magazines, in-store and online at eight major retailers, and across various social media channels.

Let’s Eat Balanced builds on the success of the previous We Eat Balanced. The change in brand name followed “extensive consumer research that revealed Let’s Eat Balanced to be a more direct call to action, resonating better with consumers”, AHDB said.

“The campaign signifies AHDB’s commitment to inspire consumers about the exceptional taste and quality of British beef, lamb and dairy as part of a healthy, balanced diet,” said Carrie McDermid, head of domestic marketing at AHDB.

“This and That reminds us that balance is key and illustrates the important role of meat and dairy in a well-rounded diet.”