What was your first-ever job? I was a labourer on a dairy farm. But despite having the smallest hands and arms compared with everyone else,I often had to step up to the plate at calving time and endured the full James Herriot experience several times.

What’s been your worst job interview? It was for a roofing company and took place 40 metres up in the air on a metal roofing support. I failed to convince the manager I wasn’t scared of heights.

What was the first music single you bought? Billy Idol - White Wedding. I still like the song!

How do you describe your job to your mates? I’m a box shifter for the UK’s leading fine food distributor.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Working with great brands and great people in a fantastic industry. Hearing ‘thank you’ from a colleague is also good.

What is the least rewarding part? There aren’t really any, but it’s not always easy being perfect.

What is your motto? Pray to God, but keep rowing towards the shore.

If you were allowed one dream perk what would it be? Tax-free earnings!

What’s your favourite movie and why? The Coen brothers’ O Brother, Where Art Thou? - it’s weird and wonderful, with a great soundtrack.

What has been the most embarrassing moment in your life? Falling neck-deep into the cow cesspit on the dairy farm, trying to rescue a stray calf.

Do you have any phobias? Heights and flying (not good for a wannabe roofer). I’m not too keen on cesspits, either.

If you could pick a celebrity to join your staff who would it be and why? Chris Gale - West Indies’ big-hitting cricketing all-rounder - would be very handy in the RH Amar cricket team.

If you could change one thing in the grocery industry what would it be? More efficient consumer response (ECR). Having standard practices and delivering more with fewer lorries on the road is always a good thing in business.

What luxury would you have on your desert island? A radio, tuned to Test Match Special.

What animal best reflects your personality and why? A big dog. I always try to be friendly and am happy to be hugged, but I can give the odd growl if irritated