Boots Sparklean Hi Res

Source: Vow Sports

Two variants of the drink have rolled exclusively into Boots

Sports nutrition manufacturer Vow Sports has launched a sparkling drink containing pea protein into Boots.

Called Sparklean, the innovation has rolled exclusively into 1,400 of the retailer’s stores in two variants: Tropical and Strawberry & Lime (rsp: £2.50/330ml & £8.99/4x330ml).

A third Orange variant is set to hit shelves in September.

Each 330ml can provides 15g protein with no artificial flavours or colours.

The liquid inside was “completely clear” and avoided the “subpar taste and gritty textures” of other protein drinks on the market, Vow Sports claimed.

It targeted “a wide range of consumers, including those following keto and low-carb diets, individuals focused on weight loss, fitness enthusiasts aiming to build muscle, and those embracing plant-based and vegan lifestyles”, the manufacturer added.

The NPD was “the culmination of two years’ hard work to develop a sparkling protein drink that tastes just like your favourite canned soft drinks” said Vow Sports head of NPD Ray Brilus.

It comes as the trend for added-protein innovation shows no sign of waning. Take snack bar brand Nakd, which added a dedicated Protein range earlier this year; or sports nutrition brand Myprotein, which last month debuted a line of protein-packed ice cream into Iceland.