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free from one use

Like moths to a flame: free-from category report 2018 Subscription

06 Jul 2018 | By Natalie Brown

The sector has attracted mainstream brands that haven’t changed in any way for the free-from audience – but which are benefiting from its boom

functional food one use

The social factor: functional foods category report 2018 Subscription

06 Jul 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

As celebrities extol the virtues of functional food and drink on social media, younger shoppers are rapidly taking note

sushi bento lunchbox

Lunchbox & Back to School Category Report 2018 Subscription

04 Jul 2018 | By Emma Weinbren

Brits are making fewer sandwiches and ramping up the number of soups, salads and more exotic options in our lunchboxes

craft beer world cup one use

Craft on top of the world: Beer & Cider Category Report 2018 Video Subscription

21 Jun 2018 | By Daniel Woolfson

The World Cup has kicked off and it’s not just the footie fans and militaristic Russian ultras twitching with excitement

Focus on energy drinks

Clipped wings? Energy Drinks Category Report 2018 Subscription

15 Jun 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

The industry is contending with a new wave of health-conscious shoppers and under-16 sales bans

butter one use

The Midas touch: Butters and spreads category report 2018 Subscription

10 Jun 2018 | By Rachel Graham

Block butter prices have soared a whopping 33% over the past year – pegging the average price per kilo at £5.58

salmon one use

Swimming against the current? Scotland category report 2018 Subscription

08 Jun 2018 | By Ian Quinn

Can salmon, and other flagship Scottish food & drink industries, flourish in such turbulent political and economic waters?

sunflower one use

Here comes the sunflower: oils category report 2018 Subscription

05 Jun 2018 | By Natalie Brown

An extra 4.4 million litres of sunflower oil were sold in the past year – an 8.4% rise

frozen cat report

Frozen food category report 2018: the comeback kid Subscription

25 May 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

How has frozen achieved such a dramatic turnaround in just one year?

healthcare cat report

The new face of the fifties: Healthcare Category Report 2018 Subscription

21 May 2018 | By Kathy Oxtoby

The new Saga qualifiers are active, healthy and – most importantly – are taking care of themselves

MEAT cat report

Public enemy? Meat category report 2018 Subscription

14 May 2018 | By Carina Perkins

Just as Horsegate was fading into a distant memory, the past 12 months have heralded a fresh set of scandals for the sector

Artisan bakery

Craft revolution? Bread & baked goods category report 2018 Subscription

08 May 2018 | By Rob Brown

It seems shoppers are eschewing mass-produced sliced bread in favour of something more artisanal

Bagged snacks focus on

Up in the air: crisps, nuts & snacks category report 2018 Subscription

03 May 2018 | By Rob Brown

The sector’s NPD pipeline resembles a conveyor belt dialled up to 11, rattling out weird and wonderful new products at a blistering rate

Own Label Focus On

Only the finest: Own Label Category Report 2018 Subscription

24 Apr 2018 | By Emma Weinbren

You might expect the supermarkets’ value lines to be stealing the show. Yet the reality is altogether different

Focus On Soft Drinks

Playing the game: Soft Drinks Category Report 2018 Subscription

18 Apr 2018 | By Rob Brown

You’d expect the taxman to have lost a few friends last week when he began levying as much as 24p for every litre of sugar

Food & drink show 2018

Meet Food 2.0: UK food & drink shows category report 2018

16 Apr 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

The five William Reed shows at the NEC Birmingham this week will cover everything that is set to influence our eating habits


Fountain of youth: beauty & suncare category report 2018 Subscription

09 Apr 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

As more and more consumers look for that eternal glow, the skincare sector is flourishing

wine focus on one use

No more cheap plonk: wine & champagne category report 2018 Subscription

06 Apr 2018 | By Daniel Woolfson

Shoppers splashed out a whopping £5.5bn on wine and champers over the past 12 months – £192.7m more than last year

breakfast club one use

The breakfast grub: Yoghurt Category Report 2018 Video Subscription

03 Apr 2018 | By Natalie Brown

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s fast becoming the case for yoghurt

BBQ Focus On

A lust for blood: Barbecue category report 2018 Subscription

23 Mar 2018 | By Natalie Brown

For all the talk of the conscientious avoidance of meat, Britain still has a thing for flesh

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