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Vegan sport

Plant powered: sports nutrition category report 2018 Subscription

21 Sep 2018 | By Rob Brown

The market is awash with vegan NPD, extolling the health and environmental virtues of a plant-based diet

whisky one use

Whisky revival: spirits category report 2018 Subscription

14 Sep 2018 | By Daniel Woolfson

Brits are quaffing whisky like there’s no tomorrow. And there’s nothing wee about the growth

ketchup one use

Leaking value: sauces & condiments category report 2018 Subscription

07 Sep 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

Shoppers have hit the sauce hard, filling their baskets with an impressive 8.2 million kg more this year

coffee one use

Rise of the coffee connoisseur: Hot Beverages Category Report 2018 Subscription

01 Sep 2018 | By James Halliwell

Single-origin, hand-roasted or artisan – coffee shops have taught consumers to be picky about their brews

smart home one use

Smart power: batteries category report 2018 Subscription

24 Aug 2018 | By Nick Hughes

The battery market is having to fight to stay relevant in a world of rechargeable tech. But there’s an unlikely hero – the smart home

veg cake one use

Plant-based puddings: desserts category report 2018 Subscription

18 Aug 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

As the war on sugar rages on, puddings are among the nine categories challenged by Public Health England to reduce sugar content by 20% by 2020

friends roast one use

Young, single and roasting: Sunday roast category report 2018 Subscription

17 Aug 2018 | By Henry Saker-Clark

Demographic data by Kantar paints an interesting picture of who’s eating roasts. Almost all age groups have upped their consumption

rice one use

Mashing spuds: rice & noodles category report 2018 Subscription

14 Aug 2018 | By Rob Brown

As Brits fall out of love with potatoes, sales of rice & noodles are booming

poultry one use

Bargain hunt: poultry category report 2018 Subscription

03 Aug 2018 | By James Halliwell

High-profile controversy has done nothing to dampen shopper appetite for value-for-money protein

breakfast one use

Sunny side up: Breakfast category report 2018 Subscription

03 Aug 2018 | By Natalie Brown

The breakfast category has bounced back from two years of decline, with shoppers shelling out an additional £10m on the first meal of the day

fonz one use

The new cool: male grooming category report 2018 Subscription

31 Jul 2018 | By Daniel Selwood

Comprehensive skincare is an increasingly important part of the modern man’s routine

halloween one use

Creepy chic: Halloween category report 2018 Subscription

27 Jul 2018 | By Rob Brown

Hip young things are spending growing amounts on dressing to kill at ghoulish gatherings every October - and fmcg wants in on the action.

home baking one use

Instantly Instagrammable: home baking category report 2018 Subscription

22 Jul 2018 | By Emily Bright

Consumers are paying more attention to the photogenic capabilities – and trend potential – of their bakes than ever before

canned one use

A new lease of life: ambient & canned goods report 2018 Subscription

20 Jul 2018 | By Rob Brown

Early signs of recovery are starting to show. Over the past year, sales have shot up 2.7% to £2,303.5m

free from one use

Like moths to a flame: free-from category report 2018 Subscription

06 Jul 2018 | By Natalie Brown

The sector has attracted mainstream brands that haven’t changed in any way for the free-from audience – but which are benefiting from its boom

functional food one use

The social factor: functional foods category report 2018 Subscription

06 Jul 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

As celebrities extol the virtues of functional food and drink on social media, younger shoppers are rapidly taking note

sushi bento lunchbox

Lunchbox & Back to School Category Report 2018 Subscription

04 Jul 2018 | By Emma Weinbren

Brits are making fewer sandwiches and ramping up the number of soups, salads and more exotic options in our lunchboxes

craft beer world cup one use

Craft on top of the world: Beer & Cider Category Report 2018 Video Subscription

21 Jun 2018 | By Daniel Woolfson

The World Cup has kicked off and it’s not just the footie fans and militaristic Russian ultras twitching with excitement

Focus on energy drinks

Clipped wings? Energy Drinks Category Report 2018 Subscription

15 Jun 2018 | By Ash O’Mahony

The industry is contending with a new wave of health-conscious shoppers and under-16 sales bans

butter one use

The Midas touch: Butters and spreads category report 2018 Subscription

10 Jun 2018 | By Rachel Graham

Block butter prices have soared a whopping 33% over the past year – pegging the average price per kilo at £5.58



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