Focus On Scotland

Scotland category report 2015

29 May 2015 | By Simon Gwynn

What’s that sound? It might just be the Caledonian lion’s roar, as Alex Salmond would put it


Oils category report 2015

22 May 2015

Cooking oil prices are on a slippery slope. Although volumes have risen a healthy 2.5% over the past year, value is down 2.8%.

Focus on Meat Free

Meat free category report 2015

21 May 2015 | By Beth Brooks

Why is the market still so small? And, given reports that more and more consumers are cutting out meat on health and environmental grounds, why is growth so sluggish? 

focus on bread, cheap as chips

Bread category report 2015

08 May 2015

Against a backdrop of declining market value - and high-profile delistings - suppliers and retailers are asking themselves how they can drive value back into the category

focus on snacks, mr potato head

Crisps, nuts and snacks category report 2015

01 May 2015

Why are crisps losing share to other savoury snacks? What kinds of snacks are enjoying the greatest growth and why? And what can brands do to rescue the humble potato crisp over the coming year?

focus on soft drinks, lead, fizz in shape of world

Soft drinks category report 2015

24 Apr 2015

How do the calorie reduction efforts of UK soft drinks players compare with those of their counterparts overseas? And how are the steps being taken affecting sales?

focus on farm shop, lead picture, digging the soil with red wellies

Farm shop & deli show category report 2015

20 Apr 2015

What does it take to keep the tills ringing in farm shops and delis in 2015?

focus on own label, lead picture

Own label category report 2015

17 Apr 2015

Shifting pricing strategies and the growth of the discounters transform the UK retail landscape

focus on NCS, lead picture, magician behind counter

National Convenience Show category report 2015

17 Apr 2015

what tricks can the indies pull out of the hat to add a touch of magic to sales?

focus on suncare

Suncare category report 2015

10 Apr 2015

Average prices are falling and the discounters are taking a growing share of the market

Focus on Yoghurt, woman eating sour yoghurt

Yoghurts category report 2015

02 Apr 2015

What’s behind the category’s recent sales slump? And what can be done about it?

BBQ Category Report Uncle Sam

Barbecue category report 2015

27 Mar 2015 | By Gavin Cleaver

Short of devising a climate control switch for Britain, how can more value be squeezed out of the barbecue, come rain or shine?

fast jet and water

Bottled water category report 2015

20 Mar 2015

Sales of bottled water through the supermarkets have surged and analysis by Kantar Worldpanel suggests nearly half of this has been consumed at home


The Top 50 Independents

13 Mar 2015 | By Beth Brooks

A record 14 indie forecourts featured in this year’s ranking, with their combined sales rising 19% to £2.9bn


IFE category report 2015

13 Mar 2015 | Updated: 13 Mar 2015

Hard on the heels of last summer’s Brazilian World Cups, brands from Brazil and its Latin American neighbours will have their strongest ever presence at IFE this year

everything is awesome lego

Toys category report 2015

12 Mar 2015

Everything is awesome in toyland, as the upbeat song from The Lego Movie chimes. Things are pretty good in the supermarkets as well.

ice cream for all seasons

Ice Cream category report 2015

06 Mar 2015

A cold wind is blowing across the ice cream category. Although value sales have risen, volumes have barely squeaked up.

carrot and stick

Juices & Smoothies category report 2015

27 Feb 2015

As suppliers try to cut sugar intake by dangling a carrot in front of our noses, calls are growing for the government to strike with its regulatory stick

grab for ready meal

Ready meals category report 2015

20 Feb 2015

Value growing ahead of volume reflects the success of pricier, premium and predominantly chilled products

yoda pizza

Pizza category report 2015

20 Feb 2015

The force is strong with pizza. In 2014, sales grew 4.2% to £899.1m on volumes up 2.6%

FMCG feature

Fmcg advertisers report 2015

22 Apr 2015

It’s been a year of seismic change for fmcg advertising

chess pieces

Britain's 100 Biggest Brands: spot on strategy and execution

20 Mar 2015

In chess, the first mover always has an advantage. The same applies in grocery…


The Top 50 Independents

13 Mar 2015 | By Beth Brooks

A record 14 indie forecourts featured in this year’s ranking, with their combined sales rising 19% to £2.9bn


The Big 30 wholesalers

13 Feb 2015 | By Beth Brooks

The sector has been buoyed by both the continued growth of the convenience sector

Power List 2015

The power list 2015

09 Feb 2015

Find out who the most powerful people in UK grocery are

Total war

Top Products Survey 2014

14 Jan 2015

It’s been carnage for the big four as discounters stepped up their assault. So which products and categories have been hit hardest? Who are the heroes? And how?


How will Booker's acquisition of Budgens and Londis affect the convenience sector?

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