breakfast jams and spreads

Jams & spreads category report 2017

16 Jan 2017 | By Robyn Vinter

Post-Brexit Britain will be free from ‘barmy EU rules’, but jam will be considerably more expensive

Easter eggs cat report

Easter category report 2017

12 Jan 2017

Sarnies are going to become more expensive - and the iconic £3 meal deal may well be on its way out

sainsbury's meal deal sandwiches

Food on the go category report 2016

22 Dec 2016 | By Julia Glotz

Sarnies are going to become more expensive - and the iconic £3 meal deal may well be on its way out

soft drinks snapshot

Adult soft drinks category report 2016

22 Dec 2016 | By Natalie Brown

Which brands and retailers are driving the boom in adult soft drinks? And how will the market develop in 2017?

cheese aisle

Cheese Category Report 2016

29 Nov 2016 | By Natalie Brown

Cheese is on the chopping block. Retailers are wielding their axes, targeting brands in brutal range rationalisations. How are brands fighting back?

'state of the nation', meat pie

Pies & Meat Snacks Category Report 2016

17 Nov 2016 Updated: 01 Dec 2016 | By Natalie Brown

Scotch eggs, sausage rolls and pork pies are hogging more share of pastries as pork scratchings win growth in meat snacks


Fish & Seafood Category Report 2016

11 Nov 2016 Updated: 01 Dec 2016 | By Carina Perkins

Frozen fish is finally back in growth, driven by Britain’s growing appetite for cod and backed by a haul of premium innovations

mumbai street food

World Cuisine Category Report 2016

10 Nov 2016 Updated: 01 Dec 2016 | By Megan Tatum

Latino street food is reshaping the world food rankings. But will Brexit’s impact on imported goods pour water on the part

Pasta & pasta sauce

Pasta & Pasta Sauces Category Report 2016

03 Nov 2016 Updated: 01 Dec 2016 | By James Halliwell

With pasta, of course! Sales are booming, but Brits are turning away from jarred pasta sauces and cooking their own

Gibbs SR Toothpaste

Toiletries Category Report 2016

28 Oct 2016 Updated: 01 Nov 2016 | By Natalie Brown

Forget Hollywood smiles. Today it’s all about the Brentwood smile: the bleached white teeth popularised by the cast of TOWIE, Brentwood’s…

yoga dog

Petcare Category Report 2016

21 Oct 2016 Updated: 01 Nov 2016 | By Ellis Hawthorne

We haven’t dreamt it up, even if the above image has been manipulated somewhat: dog yoga (or ‘doga’) is really a thing.

Heinz soup advert

Soup Category Report 2016

21 Oct 2016 Updated: 01 Nov 2016 | By Amy North

Canned soup is on a sinking ship. A staggering £28.7m have been wiped off sales while chilled has climbed aboard the lifeboats…

Cold & flu medication

Winter Remedies Category Report 2016

14 Oct 2016 Updated: 01 Nov 2016 | By Carolyn Robertson

Winter is coming. To fans of Game of Thrones that phrase means the coming of unspeakable hardship and violence. And probably sex.

Carrot cake cookies - Dr Oetker

Cakes & Biscuits Category Report 2016

14 Oct 2016 Updated: 01 Nov 2016 | By Amy North

America’s pioneering spirit - which opened up the Wild West in the 19th century and put man on the moon in 1969 - is making its mark on the biscuit category.

Focus on alcohol p2

Alcohol category report 2016

07 Oct 2016 Updated: 21 Oct 2016 | By Lisa Riley

The nation’s taste in booze is going upmarket. Just look at the boom in ultra premium craft spirits and sparkling wine, the two fastest growing sectors…

Sweets confectionery

Confectionery Category Report 2016

30 Sep 2016 Updated: 21 Oct 2016 | By Natalie Brown

Confectionery’s best brains are proving their mettle as the market continues to get battered by tectonic societal changes. 

sports nutrition

Sports Nutrition Category Report 2016

23 Sep 2016 | By Rob Brown

Fashion is cyclical. So are concepts of beauty. If one look can be said to have defined the 1990s, it is ‘heroin chic’  

drinks alcohol spirits cocktails

Spirits Category Report 2016

15 Sep 2016 Updated: 22 Sep 2016 | By James Halliwell

Brits are hitting the hard stuff… hard. Sales of spirits are up a stiff 3.2% after shoppers spent £108m more on liquor than last year, delivering the latest positive numbers in what…

sauces condiments

Sauces & Condiments Category Report 2016

13 Sep 2016 | By Robyn Vinter

Tesco now sells the world’s fieriest chilli, while Asda sends buyers to Mexico. So is it the new ketchup?


Hot Beverages Category Report 2016

01 Sep 2016 Updated: 08 Sep 2016 | By Emma Sturgess

You could argue British tea drinkers have never had it so good. For those who still prefer a standard cuppa, prices are being squeezed…

Top campaigns

PDF: Top Campaigns of 2016

21 Dec 2016

  Everyone loves talking about the Christmas ads, but which one does The Grocer think is the best? Let’s not ignore the rest of the year either

Top Products 2016

PDF: Top Products Survey 2016

20 Dec 2016

Given the plunge in the pound, Top Products suppliers are now grappling with escalated pricing tensions. But is this kitchen sink drama being dialled up into something more dramatic than it will turn out to be? Or is inflation going to mess up things up?


Britain's Biggest Alcohol Brands 2016

15 Jul 2016 Updated: 23 Aug 2016 | By Rob Brown

In an age of range rationalisation, vicious price cuts and the unstoppable rise of craft alcohol, how buoyant are the big booze brands?

OC&C image

OC&C Global 50 Report 2016

13 Jul 2016

Those who remember physics lessons will know nature abhors a vacuum. The same is true of business…

spar roadchef

Grocery Retail Structure 2016

20 May 2016 | By Ronan Hegarty

With Musgrave and Morrisons pulling out, convenience is in the spotlight, while the big four have all but stopped growing

biggest brands 2016 one use

Britain's Biggest Brands 2016

24 Mar 2016

Grocery brands are falling back to earth with a bump


As the results flood in, who do you think won Christmas?

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