batteries one use

Batteries Category Report 2015

28 Aug 2015

What can other manufacturers learn from those who are posting strong growth?

Roast dinner

Roast Dinner Category Report 2015

21 Aug 2015

As consumers continue to seek out convenient options, how can the roast compete for their affections? 

sponge pudding dessert custard

Hot Desserts Category Report 2015

21 Aug 2015

What can the mults learn from the discounters?

noodles one use

Rice & Noodles Category Report 2015

17 Aug 2015

Brits are slurping up record volumes of those famous Japanese staples, rice & noodles

Up&Go surfer ad

Breakfast category report 2015

07 Aug 2015

 Are British breakfasts really changing that fast? And what can traditional breakfast brands do to keep the newcomers in check?

halloween children fancy dress costumes

Halloween category report 2015

03 Aug 2015 | By Paul Davies

How have the supermarkets responded to the risk? How will sales of costumes and Halloween goods in general fare this year?

bearded man

Male grooming category report 2015

03 Aug 2015 | By Natalie Brown

Bristling beards and moustaches are the look of choice for many British men, 45% of whom now sport some kind of facial hair

Home Baking one use

Home baking category report 2015

24 Jul 2015 | By Amy North

Prices are on the up in the home baking aisle despite the soaring influence of the discounters. Can the new Bake Off series sustain growth?

focus canned one use

Canned & ambient category report 2015

24 Jul 2015 | By Emma Sturgess

No self-respecting survivalist would be without a bunker full of tinned food. But is the canned and ambient category in a dark place? 

tomatoes pancake free from

Focus on free from 2015

10 Jul 2015 Updated: 13 Jul 2015 | By Sonya Hook

Where should free-from go in store: in its own fixture or among conventional products?

Focus on Functional Food - superfoods

Functional food category report 2015

10 Jul 2015 Updated: 13 Jul 2015 | By Paul Davies

What can functional brands do to mitigate risk?


Lunchbox category report 2015

03 Jul 2015 Updated: 13 Jul 2015 | By Natalie Brown

What does the coming year hold for players trying to earn a crust from the lunchbox sector? 


Beer & cider category report 2015

26 Jun 2015 Updated: 13 Jul 2015 | By Simon Gwynn

Is cider’s slight slide over the past year just a blip or a sign of things to come?


Energy drinks category report 2015

19 Jun 2015 Updated: 13 Jul 2015 | By Natalie Brown

How are sales holding up? And what are energy drinks players doing to counter the criticisms?

butter spread toast

Butters and spreads category report 2015

12 Jun 2015 Updated: 13 Jul 2015 | By Emma Sturgess

How can brands fight back to have a year worth toasting? 

pills supplements health

Healthcare and supplements category report 2015

11 Jun 2015 Updated: 13 Jul 2015 | By Sonya Hook

Is the sector’s golden age about to be cut short? And is there any weight to the scare stories? 

Focus on Frozen lead image

Frozen category report 2015

05 Jun 2015

What are suppliers doing? And how realistic is Birds Eye’s ambition?

Focus On Scotland

Scotland category report 2015

29 May 2015 | By Simon Gwynn

What’s that sound? It might just be the Caledonian lion’s roar, as Alex Salmond would put it


Oils category report 2015

22 May 2015

Cooking oil prices are on a slippery slope. Although volumes have risen a healthy 2.5% over the past year, value is down 2.8%.

Focus on Meat Free

Meat free category report 2015

21 May 2015 | By Beth Brooks

Why is the market still so small? And, given reports that more and more consumers are cutting out meat on health and environmental grounds, why is growth so sluggish? 

BBAB lead one use web resize

Britain's 100 Biggest Alcohol Brands: who's come up trumps?

22 Jul 2015

Who has the strongest hand in today’s booze market? Which brands are the top trumps and which are the jokers?

OC&C one use

OC&C Global 50: the giant slowdown

14 Jul 2015 | By Alec Mattinson

Global growth for fmcg giants has seldom been so anaemic

convenience store promo GRS

Grocery Retail Structure 2015

05 Jun 2015

There’s an inconvenient truth at the heart of convenience retailing

FMCG feature

Fmcg advertisers report 2015

22 Apr 2015

It’s been a year of seismic change for fmcg advertising

chess pieces

Britain's 100 Biggest Brands: spot on strategy and execution

20 Mar 2015

In chess, the first mover always has an advantage. The same applies in grocery…


The Top 50 Independents

13 Mar 2015 | By Beth Brooks

A record 14 indie forecourts featured in this year’s ranking, with their combined sales rising 19% to £2.9bn

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