April Fool’s Day is upon us again. Grocery brands have taken it upon themselves to develop more elaborate pranks than ever in a bid to boost their presence online and get people talking about their brands.

There were marketing stunts, rebrands, zany new products and even proposed listings on Uranus.

Which of these might have fooled you? Which do you want to see hit shelves for real? 


Faustino finger print

Source: Faustino

Faustino says its Diamond Reserva bottles are also encrusted with diamonds

Faustino kicked off with an announcement of a 60th anniversary vintage, called Diamond Reserva. It said the Diamond Reserva would launch with patented fingerprint technology that means that only those born in 1964 could uncork the rioja.

The classic Gran Reserva design had been updated to make it worthy of a diamond jubilee, encrusted with a diamond twine and silver outerwear.


Iceland x Cathedral City

@icelandfoods Could this be the world’s biggest cheesecake? 👀 Introducing the latest cheesy creation from the world of @cathedral_city_uk 🧀 Tag a cheese lover that you know will LOVE this 🤩 #GiantFood #Cheesecake #Cheese #CheeseBoard #CathedralCity ♬ Trendsetter - Connor Price & Haviah Mighty

Iceland finally revealed its long-trailled giant Cathedral City ‘cheesecake’ as an April fool. The blocks of cheddar were said to sit atop a cream cracker and feed up to 40. We’ll keep dreaming.



Dole Sunshine Company - Ham and Pineapple in a can (1)

Source: Dole

Pineapple and ham on pizzas divides online commentators

The eternal debate continues to guarantee tongues wagging. Dole claimed to have launched Ham & Pineapple-in-a-Can.



Heinz acknowledged the many hair-related disasters its tomato sauce has been responsible for, with the faux launch of a specialist toner to restore its pre-ketchup colour. 



1. Kebaby Food packshot

Source: Kebhouze

Kebaby food is said to be made with chicken kebab meat

Kebab restaurant Kebhouze unveiled its Kebaby Food, which it said was inspired by Kebhouze’s popular Kebby Special kebab wrap with chicken kebab, caramelised onions, lettuce and lemon and black pepper mayo. While kebabs may have a reputation for being unhealthy, Kebhouze said the baby food was packed with essential nutrients including vitamins B6 and C, calcium, and high in protein to keep little ones fuller longer.



Ginsters claimed the best thing since sliced bread with its April fool’s launch of a loaf of slices.



IMG_3138 2

Source: Leon

A toothpaste to guarantee date night success, says Leon

Leon had had enough of minty toothpastes, it claimed. The only option was to launch a toothpaste flavoured with its garlic aioli. It includes real garlic, a hint of roasted garlic, and is creamier than ever before, the brand says. And don’t worry, you can skip breakfast as it doubles as a morning snack.



Kabuto took aim at its rivals with a billboard posted on Instagram playing on the double entendre that is pot noodle. It said the supposed CBD chicken noodle soup was in no way affiliated with the Pot Noodle brand and included the hashtag #pleasedontsueus.


Babybel April Fools Lifestyle Asset 2024

Source: Babybel

Babybel said its spicy cheese packs a punch on the Scoville scale

Babybel unveiled its latest creation, tailored to meet the UK’s hunger for spicier versions of their favourite products. Babybel Inferno was said to be an intense twist on the  round cheese, infused with the world’s hottest ghost peppers, for a tongue-tingling eruption. What’s not to love? Babybel fans will surely be clamouring to see this on shelves for real.



 Sainsbury’s claimed to be rolling out a double decker trolley as its April fool’s prank.


Mr Organic

Mr Organic spaghetti hoops

Source: Mr Organic

Mr Organic’s spaghetti hoops are frowned upon by its Italian suppliers

Italian brand Mr Organic unveiled canned spaghetti hoops as its April fool. While this may not seem out there, the brand says its Italian team members and Italian suppliers are horrified by the idea. That led the brand to produce a limited run of the very British delicacy.


Terry’s Chocolate Orange

 Fans will be clamouring for Terry’s to make its chocolate orange juice a reality. Or, it could just appease fans and give them the milkshake they’ve been asking for for so long.


Crosta & Mollica

Crust & Crumb

Source: The rebrand did away with the Italian name

Crosta & Mollica

Crosta & Mollica went down a different route. It chose not to claim the release of a wacky new product, but to announce a name change to Crust & Crumb, the transliteration of the original Italian Crosta & Mollica.



 Cadbury decided to do away with the Curly Wurly and replace it with the Straighty Waighty.


fentimans sauce

Source: Fentimans

Fentimans said its sauce was ideal for a chippy tea


Mixer brand Fentimans announced its supposed launch into sauces. No more tommy k or barbecue sauce though.

The brand unveiled a Dandelion & Burdock flavoured SKU, which it said was the ultimate match for a chippy tea.



Toothpaste appears to be the product du jour for brands to pretend to launch this April. Unbeleafable said its version would be rocket flavoured.


Simon Howie

Simon Howie April Fools 1

Source: Simon Howie

Simon Howie said it hoped the product could become a reality

Scottish butcher Simon Howie mocked up a dual branded Heinz Beanz and Mini Square Sausages can. The butcher admitted that it hoped the stunt would plant the idea in both the minds of the Scottish consumer and Heinz to make the product a reality in future.



The crisp brand didn’t write off the possibility of its Taylor Swift tribute crisps launching for real one day.


Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives A Crap 2403_APRIL_FOOLS_PR_2

Source: Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives A Crap unveiled a mission to space

Inspired by billionaires are busy chucking cars into space and taking their midlife crises to the moon, Who Gives A Crap claimed to be heading to Uranus? Why? Well, Uranus is the ideal destination for a bog roll brand. And, according to Who Gives A Crap, the planet is filled with gas and literally smells like farts.


Tiny Rebel

Tiny Rebel said Only Flans was the naughtiest flavour it had ever produced. While the flavour might be apricot flan, the marketing strategy reminiscent of Only Fans will be sure to attract attention.


Gym Kitchen

April fools 2024 static

Source: Gym Kitchen

Gym Kitchen announced its debut in non-food

Gym Kitchen announced its debut in toiletries with the release of a high protein toothpaste. Offerinng 20g of protein per brush, the brand might put its ready meal arm out of business.



Everyone knows vegans are smug, but Bol says its new soup will boost your ego further by virtue of being plant-based.



Aldi Haggis-Dazs

Aldi unveiled a haggis ice cream for its Scottish stores

Aldi joined the fun, claiming a Specialbuy would soon be hitting the middle aisles of its Scotland stores. Its Häggis-Dazs infuses the robust flavours of the traditional haggis into a silky-smooth vanilla ice cream, made with 100% Scottish milk and cream, the discounter joked.


Innocent x Bold Bean Co

Innocent is known for adding some unconventional ingredients to smoothies but beans? Apparently a collaboration with Bold Bean Co was all it took.



THIS™ Isn't Beef Rump

Source: This

This said its plant-based steak was endorsed by former US president Donald Trump

Forever pushing the envelope, This claimed Donald Trump had agreed to drop the T and become Donald Rump in support of This’s release of a plant-based rump steak.


Curators x Greggs

This is another fake launch that is sure to have devotees of both brands baying for the real thing.


Birds Bakery

Birds April Fools SM post 1080 x 1920 new - image only

Source: Birds Bakery

Birds Bakery said its bap was designed for left-handed customers

Birds Bakery said it launched a new bap specifically designed for left-handed customers. The bakery went as far as claiming it worked with a local hand-eye coordination specialist, Amber Dextrous, when adapting the product. Bravo.


The Co-op

All consumers have ever wanted was a crisp sandwich, and Co-op finally gave it to them. Only for it to be proved an April fool. Boo!


Hanx x Liquid Diamond


Source: Hanx

Flavoured lube is nothing new, but this one could take off

Sexual wellness brand Hanx and prosecco brand Liquid Diamond Wine said they had collaborated to launch a Prosecco flavoured lube. Apparently, the product was trialled and tested 69 times before gaining the seal of approval.



Napolina - Snapped Spaghetti

Source: Napolina

Napolina unveiled pre-snapped spaghetti

Napolina Snapped Spaghetti is a launch intended as a labour-saving innovation for those who snap their pasta into the pot or cut theirs up before eating to avoid getting messy.



Source: Branston

Branston’s five bean sauce does away with the beans


Everyone knows the beans are the worst bit of baked beans. So Branston did away with them in its April fool unveiling of a Branston bean sauce, which it says is perfect for all occasions, from toasties to drizzling on ice cream.




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♬ original sound - Princes

Princes claimed to have solved a nationwide embarassment with the launch of bottled tuna water. No longer will fish fans be forced to drink the residue from the tin.


Mouse & Grape x Canned Wine Co


Source: Mouse & Grape

Cheese and wine in a can was dubbed ‘so wrong, it’s right’ by its creators

Mouse & Grape teamed up with Canned Wine Co and British dairies Quicke’s, Nettlebed Creamery and White Lake to launch wine and cheese fusion in a can.