Chocomel is looking to cover a lot of ground with its new ad. Designed to celebrate “a nation of true originals”, it’s also running in Belgium and the Netherlands. So, which nation is it?

Whatever, we’re shown people enjoying the drink in a variety of mildly daft situations, like relaxing in a bath over a fire, sitting in a wheelbarrow at a building site, and, er, dancing about a bit at home. Charming enough!

Except the ad throws in some extra stuff, seemingly because it can. The voiceover comes from Love Island: Aftersun’s Darren Harriott (there’s no obvious link to the show), our man in the wheelbarrow is Dutch darts hero Raymond van Barneveld (there’s no link to darts) and the bloke in the ‘Hide the Pain Harold’ meme (there’s no link to anything) shows up at the end. Random.