If Unilever’s Magnum is the ice cream stick of choice for the ladies (supermodels are forever chowing down on them, noisily, in its ads), then Froneri’s Nuii is perhaps looking to become the male equivalent.

Its new brand ambassador is aspirational actor/man mountain Jason Momoa. “Are you hungry for adventure?” he asks. The adventure in question appears to be a stroll by a nice beach, while telling us how yummy the Australian macadamia & salted caramel ice cream is. It’s not exactly Indiana Jones.

Still. He’s handsome, he’s charming… Momoa’s only downside is he’s so massive he makes the product look like it’s been shrinkflated. He doesn’t help by wilfully ignoring the risk of headchills and taking massive, wolfish bites out of it. There’s no risk of a melted Nuii with Jason about.