The goat makes a good choice of mascot for any would-be rebellious brands. Cheeky and usually hungry, they make an amusing noise (check out Jaffa Cakes’ pygmy goat from 2019) and have an edgy hint of the occult about them.

Increasingly, of course, ‘GOAT’ also means ‘greatest of all time’, a term often used (often myopically) by sports fans – hence Gatorade’s Lionel Messi-starring ‘GOAT Camp’ push of 2020.

Strongbow’s purple goat isn’t quite as energetic. The camera zooms through purple clouds to an equally purpley shore, where we see our hero, hoof triumphantly atop a can of Strongy’s Ultra Dark Fruit Cider (it’s purple, you see). All our hero does is nod its head to some upbeat music.

Its simplicity is its strength, however, with impossible-to-miss calorie and taste messages. Strong stuff.