It always used to be Sainsbury’s that would (rather self-importantly) wait until after Armistice Day to reveal its Christmas ad – but this year it was Tesco who made us wait, ensuring it missed the print deadline for our experts’ analysis (though they’ve rated it online, here).

Perhaps the ad’s special effects department were applying some finishing touches. Like Tesco’s creepy ‘Smile’ ad from March, it veers into the realm of body horror: a dad becomes part Christmas tree, like a Jack-in-the-Green, while his wife turns into a snow-mum.

Their teenage son remains unmoved, despite the attentions of a cackling snowglobe, a cloven-hooved Tesco checkout operator and the soundtrack: festive staple ‘How Bizarre’ by OMC.

As with all the best horror stories, there is no escape for our hero. He becomes ONE OF THEM, thanks in part to Tesco’s products helping him BECOME MORE CHRISTMAS. It looks a terrible fate.