Giles Atwell

Source: Russell & Atwell

What was your first job? A newspaper round – I used to dread the Sunday papers as they were so heavy!

What’s been your worst job interview? My first speculative interview while I was working at Unilever. I felt really guilty about sneaking off work and that descended into panic when I realised I was in a hotel with a huge Unilever sales conference, and delegates could see me through the glass. Needless to say, the interview was a disaster.

What was the first music single you bought? My first album was The Housemartins, London 0 Hull 4.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job? It’s chocolate, so getting feedback from people when they eat our products is pretty special.

What’s the least rewarding part? Having worked in big corporations and big teams for years, I do miss ‘help’ from team members – my business partner, Steve Russell, and I do just about everything!

What’s your nickname? I’ve worked all over the world, so my nicknames tend to link to the country (at least the ones they tell me about). I was Gilo in Australia (I was there for the 2005 Ashes), Jairo in Brazil (they struggled to pronounce Giles), and I’m sure there have been others!

If you were allowed one dream perk what would it be? I love good coffee, so I’d have a barista make me a shot of espresso on demand.

What’s your favourite movie? Why? This is a toughie – I’ll go with Clerks. It’s cleverly observed, thought-provoking and at times very funny. And this is The Grocer – it feels appropriate!

Any phobias? Rubbish coffee.

If you could change one thing in the grocery industry what would it be? I know a lot of the industry is working on it, but we all have to use less, or at least find a way to be less wasteful.

What luxury would you have on your desert island? I am utterly hopeless at DIY or anything vaguely practical. Can I request Bear Grylls?

What animal reflects your personality? I grew up with sausage dogs: they’ve got little legs, long torsos and are very stubborn when they don’t want to do something – there are some parallels.