Gold&Green Protein Muffin

Source: Gold&Green

Flakes and Granules are made from oat bran, pea and faba bean protein

Finnish plant-based brand Gold&Green has launched a duo of ‘protein ingredients’ it claims represent “a game-changer for manufacturers”.

It has created a duo of Flakes (9kg-200kg) and Granules (6kg-150kg), which are made from oat bran, pea and faba bean protein. 

They are billed as offering “a rich source of protein, fibre, iron and potassium” with “endless possible sweet and savoury applications including burgers, veggie patties, balls, and falafels, as well as fillings for plant-based pastries, pies and dumplings”.

Both ingredients were neutral in flavour, but Flakes delivered “a satisfying crunchy texture”, while Granules offered a “juicy fibrous mouthfeel for the ultimate meat-alternative protein”, said Gold&Green.

The “incredibly versatile” ingredients could also be used in sandwiches and wraps for food-to-go solutions and ready meals, along with bakery products, granola and even smoothies “to pack a protein punch”, it said.

Gold&Green Foods UK&I national account manager for OOH and retail Brendan Lee called the ingredients “a game-changer for manufacturers”.

He added: “We’re proud of what this ingredient innovation will mean for the future, helping the industry to create unique product ranges that will set a new standard in clean and sustainable vegan foods.”

The brand made its UK retail debut in June 2020 with the launch of its “revolutionary” meat alternative, Pulled Oats.

Two minces – in natural and tomato flavours – which were made with oats, yellow peas, faba beans, rapeseed oil and salt, rolled into Planet Organic. However, they have since disappeared from retail channels. 

For now, the protein ingredients were the “big focus” for the brand, she added.