As Veganuary continues to gain popularity, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a surge in vegan product launches. Take a look at some of the newest vegan product launches for Veganuary whether you’re a seasoned meat avoider or just dipping a toe into the plant-based world


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Tikka Masala, £3.80/350g
Korma, £3.80/350g
Meat-Free Tikka Kebabs £3.80/240g
Available: Tesco

Shicken Foods has three Pan-Asian meals launching in Tesco stores nationwide at a special promotional price of £2.80. This includes the Tikka Masala “marinated to perfection and smothered in a rich sauce”; “the perfect Korma with a blend of creamy sweetness” and Meat-Free Tikka Kebabs – “Britain’s favourite kebab, now made with unique plant-based Shicken pieces”.


Squeaky Bean Chicken-Style Pieces

Untitled design (1)

Price:  £3.25/175g 
Available: Sainsbury’s  

Plant-based brand Squeaky Bean has launched a duo of chicken-style pieces, designed for cooking. Two flavours – Seasoned and Tandoori – have rolled into Sainsbury’s. The pieces, which are made with wheat and pea protein, are low in saturated fat, making them “a great option for health-conscious consumers”, says the brand. Seasoned is flavoured with salt and pepper. Tandoori, meanwhile, comprises “a tasty blend of aromatic spices”. 


Pukpip Frozen Chocolate Bananas

P18451.01 Updated Pukpip Renders 3Qtrs CMYK Dark Choc

Price: £3.99/3x70g 
Available: CLF and Consort Frozen Foods for independent retailers

Ecuadorian ingredients supplier Semvra has unveiled frozen snacking brand Pukpip, comprising wonky bananas dipped in chocolate. A handheld option, made with Ecuadorian bananas rejected from export due to minor imperfections and providing between 152kcals and 161kcals per lolly, the dark chocolate variant is vegan friendly. They are modelled on Pukpip’s US sister brand Diana’s, which styles itself as “the world’s best chocolate-dipped frozen banana”.


Coco’s Organic Yoghurts

02.12.22 kefir + cocos light stills_-14

Yog Tubes £3/5x40g
Light natural yoghurt alternative £4.99/400g
Available:  Waitrose, Ocado and Abel & Cole

Cocos Organic has launched a duo of lines: the “UK’s first” organic coconut milk yoghurt tubes and a Light Organic Natural Yoghurt alternative. The strawberry and banana-flavoured organic Yog Tubes come in a five-pack. They are free from dairy, gluten, nuts and refined sugar, and are designed for children over six months. The light natural yoghurt alternative is made with 98% organic coconut milk, contains less than 10% fat, is 115 calories per 100g and is fortified with bifidobacterium BB-12, which contains billions of live bacteria.


Heinz Vegan Creamy Tomato Soup and Beanz with Vegan Sausages

Shot2_VeganClassic_Master_V2_Landscape copy

Price: £1.70-£2/400g-415g 
Available: Ocado and Sainsbury’s

Heinz’s innovations – which are the result of “several years” of development – are claimed to offer “the taste of Heinz” without animal products. Creamy Tomato Soup contains fermented soy in place of the dried skimmed milk, cream, and milk proteins of the original recipe. The plant-based sausages in Beanz & Vegan Sausages, meanwhile, comprise wheat protein, rapeseed oil, potato starch and wheat starch. Both products contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Plantastic Millionaire Flapjacks

NPD (2)

Price: £2.25/five slices
Available: Tesco and Sainsbury’s

Premier Foods is expanding its plant-based offering with new Plantastic Millionaire Flapjacks. Hong Sim, brand director for plant-based food at Premier Foods, comments: “The indulgent Millionaire Flapjack caters for those looking for a plant-based treat that delivers on taste, convenience and quality and by doing so, attracts new consumers into the category.” Available in a five-slice pack format for £2.25 from Tesco and Sainsbury’s.


OMV and Plant Based by Asda 

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Price: Various
Available: Asda

Asda has introduced two new dedicated vegan ranges – OMV and Plant Based by Asda – comprising 86 products. OMV is billed as offering “indulgent meat-free meals”, such as No Pork Caramelised Red Onion Sausages. Plant Based by Asda comprises “healthy, nutritionist-approved meat alternatives, including the likes of Bacon Style rashers and Chick*n Caesar Wrap.


Pret x Violife Baguette


Price: £5 January deal for full size baguette with crisps or popcorn
Available: Pret a Manger

As part of Pret’s January menu refresh, it has included four new vegan products, including the PLT sandwich – a plant-based equivalent to its BLT – and the Spicey No’Duja and Tomato Macaroni pasta meal. The new Spicy No’Duja Toasted Focaccia and the Plant Ploughman’s Baguette will be made using vegan ’cheeze’ from Violife for the first time, the chain says. The announcement comes alongside the launch of a new January meal deal offer. Throughout January, customers will be able to purchase any of the chain’s full-size baguettes, with either crisps or popcorn for £5.


Magnum Vegan Raspberry Swirl

NPD (1)

Price: £3.99/three-pack
Available: Waitrose

Magnum is expanding its plant-based range with new Vegan Raspberry Swirl, which comprises “velvety raspberry ice cream with swirls of tangy raspberry sauce”, dipped in vegan chocolate. Available now in Waitrose.


Little Moons Refreshos

Refreshos_Duo_Floating_1 (1)

Price: £4.80/192g
Available: Asda, from the end of January

Mochi ball ice cream brand Little Moons is moving into snackable sorbet with Refreshos. The NPD is set to debut this month with two rice dough-wrapped variants: Very Berry and Pineapple & Mandarin. Both flavours are HFSS-compliant, vegan and gluten-free. They provide fewer than 60 calories per serving and contain no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives. Billed by Little Moons as a “first-to-market mochi sorbet”, Refreshos will roll into Asda at the end of January in a multipack of six.


Lindt Classic Recipe Vegan Caramel Sea Salt

Vegan Salted_Caramel_ Lindt

Price: £3/100g
Available: now, Tesco and Sainsbury’s March 2023

Following the launch of Lindt Classic Recipe Vegan Smooth and Lindt Classic Recipe Vegan Hazelnut last year, the brand has extended the range and introduced new Lindt Classic Recipe Vegan Caramel Sea Salt. It says the NPD is a “combination of the finest cocoa blended with oat drink, smooth almond paste and crisp caramel pieces with sea salt”. Available to purchase for pre-release now through its website and in Tesco and Sainsbury’s supermarkets in March for £3 a bar.


Amazon Fresh Vegan Salads

Untitled design (1)

by Amazon Soy Glazed Mushroom & Mooli Slaw, £4.75
by Amazon Falafel & Roasted Cauliflower Salad, £4.50
Available: Amazon Fresh stores

Amazon is adding to its plant-based range this Veganuary with two new lunch prepared salads: Falafel & Roasted Cauliflower Salad – spinach and pine kernel falafels on mixed leaves, with turmeric roasted cauliflower florets, smoky chargrilled peppers, beetroot and carrot and a harissa spiced houmous, topped with toasted mixed seeds. Soy Glazed Mushroom & Mooli Slaw – an Asian-inspired layered salad of soy glazed mushrooms with a carrot & mooli slaw, cooked black rice, lentils and spinach leaves on an edamame bean crush and topped with a citrus ponzu dressing.


Julienne Bruno Cheese

Untitled design (2)

Burrella £4.50/115g
Crematta £3.50/175g
Superstraccia £4.00/175g
Available: Selfridges, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods Market, Harrods

Julienne Bruno’s ‘Collection 01’ hosts three dairy-free cheeses: the delicate Burrella, the light and fluffy Crematta and the versatile and creamy Superstraccia. Created in fresh batches each week, the cheeses are made using organic soya and coconut oil and are naturally fermented. The luxury cheeses mimic their dairy-based Italian influences: burratta, stracchino and cream cheese in a plant-based twist.



Price: £2.40/45g
Available: Sainsbury’s, Asda, WH Smith, Amazon and Ocado

Misfits is launching a new Chocolate Cookie dough vegan protein bar. It says the ”Chocolate Cookie Dough is Misfits’ softest, squidgiest bar yet, laced with vanilla notes and high protein choc crispies, while being high protein, low sugar and certified vegan”. Now available from Sainsbury’s, Asda, WH Smith, Amazon and Ocado, as well as other stockists nationwide. 


The Vegetarian Butcher x La Vie x Violife x Burger King Bakon King

Untitled design

Plant-Based Bakon King (Single) £6.69-£7.49
Plant-Based Bakon King (Double) £7.69-£8.49
Vegan Royale Bakon King £6.69-£7.49
Available: Burger King

The crossover of all crossovers sees Burger King releasing a plant-based take on its ’Bacon King’, becoming the ’Bakon King’. With a plant-based burger supplied by The Vegetarian Butcher and add-ons supplied by Violife vegan Cheeeze and La Vie Bakon inside a sesame seed bun. Burger King does provide a warning to gold-star vegans, however, that “the Plant-Based Bakon King is plant-based. However, it is cooked on the same broiler as our original Whopper to deliver the same unique flame-grilled taste and therefore cannot be classified as vegan.”


Very Lazy Chilli Boost Range

very lazy chilli boost

Price: £3/180g
Available: Tesco from 16 January

Very Lazy has unveiled a new range of Chilli Boost condiments it says is “created for those looking to spice up life in the kitchen”. The Smokey Chilli Boost is a ”well-balanced fusion of smokiness with a chilli kick, providing an easy way to add great flavour and heat to your dish. The smokiness is driven by smoked paprika, chillis and chipotle, with a blend of rich balsamic vinegar and oil.” The NPD can be spooned, spread, or stirred into any dish to add heat and a chilli flavour.


Holy Moly Hummus

Untitled design

Price: £2.75/150g
Available: Waitrose from 18 January

Holy Moly is extending its premium dip range with two new houmous flavours: Original and Pesto Hummus. The new lines land in Waitrose on 18 January and will be the first houmous range in the UK to be made using cold pressure technology. Co-founder Tom Walker says: “Taking our brand into houmous is a natural step and this is one of our biggest category opportunities to date. We’ve developed an original flavoured, full-fat houmous and added innovative flavour layers to differentiate and cut through a saturated category.”


Tesco Plant Chef

Veganuary 23 (2)

Price: Various
Available: Tesco

Tesco has added to its Plant Chef frozen food range with the new Meat-Free No-Chicken Breasts (180g two-pack/£1.75) “packed with wheat and pea protein and seasoned with herbs and spice for a burst of flavour”; Meat-Free Hot Dogs (280g four-pack/£1.75) ”smokey seasoned soya protein with oak smoked sea salt and spices”; Fish-Free Cakes with Melt (280g two-pack/£2.30) “seasoned wheat protein with a delicious garlic and lemon melt in crispy breadcrumbs”; Fish-Free Goujons (240g eight-pack/£2) “wheat protein flaky fish-free goujons coated in crispy breadcrumbs for added texture”; and, Meat-Free No-Chicken Garlic Kievs (280g two-pack/£2.30) “coated in breadcrumbs, the wheat and pea protein based kievs with garlic filling provide a twist on a classic dish.”