Waitrose has today launched its Chirstmas houseparty-themed festive advert for 2023 staring broadcaster and winemaker Graham Norton.

“What a treat it was to be invited to such a fun party and to feature in this joyful Christmas campaign with Waitrose,” said Norton. ”It was quite a night, and after sampling so many delicious products from the festive range, I’ve got my order in already for the big day – because it’s Christmas, and it’s time for the good stuff.”

The plot revolves around stereotypical party moments of sneaking food before the guests arrived, people arriving too early, powercuts and celebrities turning up with cake. Classic party anthem Just Can’t Get Enough by Depeche Mode plays as we learn Waitrose’s rule for a successful holiday party is “when the food’s good, everything’s good.”

Despite the celebrity cameo, the food takes the spotlight with Shimmering Salmon Mousse, Florentine-inspired Panettone and The Golden Bûche de Noël cake from the new Waitrose Christmas range on full display.


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The ad was created by Saatchi & Saatchi and shot by acclaimed film director Autumn De Wilde. It will air for the first time on 2 November at 8:15pm, during Emmerdale on ITV1.

Nathan Ansell, Waitrose customer director, said: “When it comes to Christmas, delicious food and drink play a central role in creating special moments for all the celebrations. We know that Christmas isn’t always smooth sailing and there’s bound to be a hiccup or two along the way.

“However, these inconveniences are always forgotten while you’re busy enjoying delicious food, surrounded by your loved ones and creating magical memories. And let’s face it, at Christmas it really is time for the good stuff, as when the food’s good, everything else is good.”