Birds Eye’s Green Cuisine ‘Whoops I’m a bit veggie’ vampire-themed ads of two years ago were memorable and effective – if a bit cloudy on what vampires eat, and the concept of the omnivore.

Still, it’s made its point, and it’s interesting to see the brand moving on from highlighting its meat-free point of difference, to instead focus on its health benefits.

“Fuelling Olympic performance requires no compromise,” a voiceover intones, going on to tell us (rather vaguely) about the “nutritious goodness” of its burgers. Green Cuisine may be “proud to power Team GB”, but there aren’t any athletes here, merely a group of four chums (one of whom looks a bit like Gary Barlow) whose awe at the burgers’ taste is illustrated by some cartoony green flashes.

Viewers from Devon, meanwhile, may be momentarily confused by the pack shot – its green union flag design resembling as it does the county’s flag of St Petroc. Proper job!