Source: 7NRG

The drinks are the result of 16 months’ development

Functional drinks startup 7NRG is set to roll out a range of cannabis-infused sports nutrition drinks in a fully recyclable plastic pouch – in what it claims is a world first.

Two powdered variants will be available from 7 October, aimed at active and athletic people aged 18 to 35.

Pre Workout Mango & Pineapple (rsp: £4.50/266ml) contains 12mg of non-psychoactive CBD (4.5g per 100ml) and zero calories.

It would help relieve “competition-related anxiety” said 7NRG founder and CEO Joel Grayson. “CBD can be especially helpful for younger athletes who have not developed a routine for managing and coping with the anxiety that athletic performance can produce.”

It also promoted mental acuity, Grayson added. “When well-conditioned athletes fall short in competition, it’s often mental.”

The second variant, Post Workout Chocolate (rsp: £5.40/266ml), provides 20g of protein (7.5g per 100ml) and 100 calories (37.6kcals per 100ml). Its main purpose was to relieve muscle and joint pain, Grayson said. It was also likely that CBD had “an anti-inflammatory effect throughout the body, including joint inflammation that many athletes suffer during and after athletic competition”.

Produced in the US, the drinks are the result of 16 months’ development. They come in a 100% recyclable PET pouch, into which users must add water and then shake. A recyclable plastic ball inside helps break down the powder and mix the drink.

7NRG’s ambition was to offer “a convenient, on-the-go, pre and post-workout solution that would be compatible with fast-paced, modern day lifestyles” Grayson said. “By adding CBD, we wanted to create a truly unique product that would greatly increase our customers’ peak performance.”