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Home-working chic: beauty & suncare category report 2020

Coronavirus has forced much of the UK indoors. So how will the beauty market manage when there’s no reason to get dolled up?


The clean-eating BBQ: barbecue category report 2020

The time of the ‘dirty’ burger is over. Consumers are seeking out cleaner, more sustainable and more exotic fare for their BBQs

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The rise and fall: bottled water category report 2020

Bottled water has crashed to earth after five years of solid growth. Can it, like Craig David, stage a comeback?


Magic act: dairy drinks category report 2020

Dairy drinks are pulling tricks out of their hats to tempt ever more demanding shoppers, who are looking for multiple benefits


Doctor’s orders: snack bars category report 2020

In the 1970s, Mars first claimed its bars helped you ‘work, rest and play’. Today, snack bars are rekindling those health associations


The bad guy: juices & smoothies category report 2020

While it may not be a poison apple, juice has become a villain thanks to a flurry of negative press. How is it fighting back?


Never mind the weather: ice cream category report 2020

Last summer was a washout. But ice cream brands are beating the weatherman with premium propositions and on-trend innovation


The next margherita? Pizza category report 2020

A kiwifruit pizza may have caused outrage, but it’s on trend. Because consumers are lapping up healthier, vegan fare


Smooth criminal: tobacco category report 2020

The smooth taste of menthol cigarettes will soon be illegal. How is big tobacco fighting back?


Scaring the giants: vaping category report 2020

Brits are ditching cigarettes in favour of specialist vaping devices. That’s got big tobacco running scared