Whitworths is a brand built on heritage and has been producing delicious, healthy products for nearly 150 years, reveals Gowland. 

“Known for producing a vast range of essential ingredients, the company was synonymous with indulgent home baking, Whitworths’ success rocketed as home baking took off,” he says. “We’re now led by our business purpose to help everyone eat a little healthier every day forcing us to consider a greater variety of consumer needs and encouraging us to explore a greater breadth of consumption occasions.” 

So the company has repositioned itself as a healthier snacking and healthier eating brand.

“We’re constantly looking for avenues to grow, and our business purpose is to help everyone eat a little healthier every day,” he says.

“Making tasty, natural products accessible is not only important to Whitworths’ strategy but also to the future of our population and our planet,” he adds. ”To help fulfil this need, Whitworths has two brands launching this year: our Gastro Nuts, a range of gastro-inspired flavoured mixed nuts with a unique baking process to seal in flavour. And Whitworths Fusions: a range of mouth-watering, tropical dried fruits infused with 100% natural complementary flavours.

“Both provide several health benefits, but most importantly taste delicious.”

To discover more about Whitworths’ fresh outlook for growth, watch the video above.