Asda has launched a 60-second teaser trailer for its Christmas advert, starring singer Michael Bublé.

Mums everywhere will be delighted to see a festive Bublé taking the lead role, with the full 90-second advert set to air on 4 November.

The sneak peek of the ad, created by Havas London, will be aired this morning during ITV’s Good Morning Britain. The same agency created Asda’s Elf adaptation last year.

Asda describes the plot as “Asda colleagues relaxing in a break room mid-shift until they’re disturbed by an unusual ‘gurgling’ sound. Journeying through a fantastical festive warehouse to find its source, they eventually reach a door marked ‘MB inside. Do not open ‘til 1.11.23’.

“As the door swings open, a lone figure is revealed, silhouetted in the spotlight: it’s Bublé, who turns to the camera and breaks into the classic ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’. “Shall we?”, he implores with a smile. But what festive fun does Asda have in store for the charming Canadian this Christmas?”


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Asda chief customer officer David Hills said: “At Asda, we absolutely love Christmas and this year we’re once again on a mission to bring that warm, festive feeling to households across the UK.

“Today, we’re putting the speculation to rest and confirming that the legend that is Michael Bublé is partnering with us this Christmas to put on a showstopping performance.

“With Bublé’s undeniable ability to spread seasonal smiles and our commitment to quality, at great value, we’re a match made in heaven, proving Asda is a one-stop shop for families seeking magic this Christmas.”