The likes of Iceland and Co-op have rather sanctimoniously declared they aren’t making big Christmas ads this year. They’re much more concerned about lowering prices for consumers, thank you very much.

But there is an in-between: a charming low-budget campaign can capture plenty of festive goodwill if done right – as Enniskillen pub Charlie’s Bar showed this week: its Insta ad was John Lewis-esque in its heavy-handed emotional manipulation, but cost £700 and went viral. Result!

Petfood brand Lily’s Kitchen has taken a similar approach. Its festive ad is a compilation of mobile phone footage of pets having fun. Cats take on Christmas trees, dogs frolic in the snow… You can’t go wrong with cute animals – though it might have been nice to source at least one or two vids in a landscape format.

The voiceover message is to pay your pets back for the year-round joy they provide – with a tasty meal, treat or even Advent calendar from Lily’s Kitchen, of course. Job done, bank unbroken!