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  • skincare
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus On Toiletries & Personal Care: 6 October


    The big beauty brands better look out. For there are some new challengers in town – and they’re rapidly gaining consumer attention. 

  • Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus On Confectionery: 29 September


    Confectionery has had a makeover. And it’s hoping the new look will draw in a younger crowd

  • Man drinking sports drink
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus on Sports and Nutrition: 22 September


    Wake up to the ‘woke’ sports buff. Today’s gym bunnies are no longer just chowing down on protein bars and extolling the virtues of a paleo diet

  • whisky
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus on spirits: 15 September


    Whisky is back on top. Having been briefly overtaken by vodka last year, blended whisky has reclaimed the title of number one spirit with a 4.5% rise in value to £805m

  • Tomato ketchup on chips
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus on Sauces and Condiments: 8 September


    What was that about Brits splashing out posher ketchup? When it comes to sauces, consumers want something cheap for their chips

  • Coffee
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus On Hot Beverages: 1 September


    Everyone’s a barista nowadays. A far cry from the days when the nation was grateful for a milky instant cuppa, Brits are now brewing their own espressos, macchiatos and lattes. 

  • batteries
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus on Batteries: 25 August


    New formats such as Powerbanks and micro batteries are offering charge for the devices that are preoccupying the younger generation: smartphones and wearable technology

  • roast dinner
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus On Roast Dinners: 18th August


    Families with young children – the core demographic – are turning their backs on the roast. So how can brands tempt them back?

  • dessert
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus on Desserts: 18th August


    Why are the young deserting desserts? Desserts may be increasing in value marginally thanks to price rises, but increasingly health-conscious millennial shoppers are fuelling a decline in volume.

  • Rice
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus On Rice and Noodles: 11th August


    Focus On: Rice Noodles by Rob Brown and Natalie Brown Download feature synopsis PDF here Publishing: 11th August Online Listicle: 10th August Submissions deadline: 26 July Advertising deadline 26 July The Story Rice pouches are this year’s ...

  • roast chicken
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus on poultry: 4 August


    So much for consumers eating less but better. Cheaper poultry is winning big as consumer appetite shows no sign of waning

  • breakfast
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus on Breakfast: 4th August


    Cooked breakfasts are back. But forget the greasy fry-up. Today’s consumers are cooking up concoctions such as scrambled eggs and spinach as health messages hit home. 

  • Halloween
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus on Halloween: 28 July


    Spooky sells. That was the message from last year’s Halloween, when marketers put big bucks behind limited edition products, above-the-line campaigns and even immersive experiences.

  • Milkman
    Feature Synopsis

    The Dairymen 2018: 15 September


    The British dairy landscape is undergoing some massive shifts - with everything from the rise of plant-based to the resurgence of doorstep delivery, ongoing consolidation and Brexit creating new challenges but also new opportunities for UK processors and farmers.

  • male grooming
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus on Male Grooming: 28 July


    After almost stabilising last year, male grooming sales have dipped back into the negative, driven by shoppers who want to spend less and buy less often.

  • cake
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus on Homebaking: 21 July


    The Instagram generation is falling in love with baking. Over the past year, glossies including Red and Teen Vogue have published lists of the best bakers on Instagram, and the younger consumer is taking note.

  • Fray Bentos Deep Fill
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus on Ambient and Canned: 21 July


    After years of decline, canned foods have wrestled their way back into tentative growth. However, as one brand redesigned its trademark pie tins because ‘young people can’t open them’, the next generation of shoppers quite literally may not be as open to canned stuff. 

  • functional food
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus on Functional Food and Drink: 7 July


    It seems like we’re a nation of morning people. In the first half of the day, Brits are tucking into plenty of healthy, functional food and drink such as multi-seed porridge oats, cholesterol-lowering spreads and soya yoghurt. But it seems resolve weakens as the day goes on. 

  • doe health gluten free
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus on Free From: 7 July


    All aboard the free from bandwagon! The category has enjoyed yet another bumper year, but the category is also being helped along by an increasing number of products making ‘free from’ claims when they are in fact naturally gluten- or dairy-free

  • sandwich
    Feature Synopsis

    Focus on lunchbox: 30 June


    Are we facing the end of the sandwich? Once a lunchbox staple, the humble sarnie is in continuing decline