Aldi has brought back Kevin the Carrot and his family for a 50-second teaser of its World Cup and Home Alone-themed Christmas campaign.

The 1998 Nike World Cup-inspired teaser for the ad sees famous football stars ‘vegetablised’, including ’Ronaldi’, ‘Messy’, ’MmmBap’, ‘Roy Bean’, ‘Macaroony’, ‘Beth Swede’ and ‘Marrowdona’. Last year, Aldi took an approach around food poverty by making fellow football icon Marcus Rashford into ’Marcus Radish-ford’.

As Kevin gets carried away with the rest of the characters, his wife Katie and children Baby, Chantenay and Jasper are seen on on the flight he has just missed. Katie delivers the timeless Catherine O’Hara line “KEVIN!”  from the Christmas staple, Home Alone as he is left in the airport.

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The carrot family were missing last year, as Aldi hoped to replicate its previous success with the launch of Ebanana Scrooge in a Dickensian advert.

Kevin first appeared on TV for the retailer’s Christmas ad in 2016 – to rival the yearly viral John Lewis adverts. In previous years, Aldi has even sold soft toy versions of its vegetable characters in stores during the festive period.

The full advert is below and was created by McCann Manchester.